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Crystals and Healing

Every crystal resonates with its own unique energy frequency.  This energy allows crystals to assist in the cleansing and healing processes of our energy body.  Since our energy body influences our physical body - the use of crystals can be used to  support the healing of physical ailments.

In any treatment offered at Inner Peace Healing I may use crystals if they are needed e.g if a particular chakra needs energising, to assist in clearing an energy blockage or to balance and energise all your chakras.

Crystals are used in a very focused manner in Crystal Surgery and Pranic Healing, and in the creation of Crystal Grids.

What are Crystal Grids?

Crystal grids help focus the energy of crystal for a specific outcome.    Based on what type of healing is needed  crystals are then selected, programmed and then laid out in a pattern around or on your body depending on what needs to be achieved.  Once the grid is in place, I use reiki energy to help you relax and to allow the crystals ‘to work their magic.’

  1. -Creation grid assists in your manifestation work to achieve the goals and desires in order to reach your fullest potential. For this grid to be effective you need to have done some ‘homework’.  Write down what it is you wish to manifest and you may even create a manifestation board - a collage of images reflecting your future. Before I set up the grid I use Transformational Kinesiology to make sure that any emotions or beliefs that could be blocking  the healing are removed.  The grid is created and while you lie in the grid you visualise what it is you wish to manifest. 

  2. -Energy Balancing grid does exactly that.  The energy body or aura and chakras are scanned.  An initial grid is placed to cleanse, and then another grid is built to energise the energy body and chakras.  Each grid is unique based on what is needed.  The grid can be built silently; or as a guided visualisation or interactive visualisation.  In the latter 2 you are taken into a guided meditation to ensure you are deeply relaxed (as I do at the start of hypnotherapy sessions).  In the guided visualisation I will ask you to imagine the colour of each chakra as the stones are placed.  In the interactive visualisation I ask you to enter the ‘room’ of each chakra and in your deeply relaxed state (like an hypnotic trance) you talk about what you are experiencing.

  3. -Emotional Healing grid clears and releases emotions to balance the emotional body

  4. -Energy Release grid is used when you have an overload of energy in your body as a result of stress, anxiety, tension or fatigue

  5. -Anchoring grid is used when your energy field is out of balance as a result of severe physical stress after an operation, accident, prolonged stress, shock or addictions.  By anchoring your energy field it is able to re-balance and heal again.

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