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Crystal Surgery

Crystal Surgery

Crystal Surgery is a powerful energy healing modality - harnessing the properties of crystals and guides that work with the stones.  (A while back I would have been hesitant to put something like that on a website - yet its what happens in the session.)

Crystal Surgery was developed by Vivien Schapera in Cincinnati in the US of the Four Winds Academy. It is her unique method of using crystals and stones to work beneficially on a persons Energy Field, and Energy Body.  Crystal Surgery is a method for operating directly on the energy field and the energy body, in such a way that through systematic, direct changes in these two systems, indirect changes are stimulated in the physical body. 

What happens in our physical body is influenced by the state of our energy field and etheric body.  So by working in the energy field and ‘fixing’ and healing the energy the physical body is positively impacted. 

When one experiences shock, trauma, illnesses and physical injury the energy body is literally knocked out of shape.  Crystal surgery puts the energy body back into shape again. 

The wands used have specially selected pairs of crystals that have different cleansing, healing and energising properties.  Each procedure in crystal surgery is carried out with the precision of physical surgery - following a specific approach to ensure that the healing properties of the crystals permeate the energy field so that healing takes place.

The Crystal Surgery Treatment

Each session starts with connecting and reading to the energy body, energy field (aura) and chakras.  Typically there is a process of cleansing, detoxification and energising before performing the specific procedures needed to assist the healing and balancing process.

The reading of the energy field includes identifying where there is an imbalance in the energy and at times the reason’s behind the imbalance - which could be from this lifetimes experiences or from past lives. 

Crystal Surgery Procedures

As mentioned there are procedures for cleansing, detoxing, balancing and energising the energy body and energy filed - this includes the chakras.  Through living life our energy body moves out of alignment.  The saying “I was beside myself” literally happens.  Instead of being inside our physical body its possible - through shock or trauma - can end up next to the physical body or ‘popping out’ of the physical body. 

Detoxing includes organ flushes (perfect for the liver) , the lymphatic system, clearing cellular backlogs and more.  There are various techniques for decording and cord cutting.

Nuero-Psychological techniques include calming the nervous system, various techniques that work with brain waves, balancing emotions.  One of my favourite techniques deletes undesirable imprints or programming from the energy field (where one keeps repeating the same patterns or a pattern that occurs across generations). 

Then there are the anti- inflammatory procedures - these are the ones that I’ve received such positive feedback from those who have received them.  Preparation for physical surgery and then assisting the energy body/field recover.  When the physical body is cut or injured - so is  the energy body.  They both need assistance to heal.

And of course protocols for the chakras - to cleanse, heal, balance and tune.

Crystal Surgery is the perfect complement to any physical surgery.  What is done in the physical body is copied in the energy body.  Preparation is done before surgery - readying the energy field and body, and then afterwards - repairing any damage, soothing and supporting the healing process.

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