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Intuitive Energy Healing

Intuitive Energy Healing

Just as these trees have a mirror image reflected in the water - so our energy body is reflected in our physical body.  What is happening in your body at the physical and emotional level corresponds to your energy body.

You may have an awareness of what needs healing.    Be it physical - in discomfort or injuries in the body or an illness.  Or at an emotional or mental level.  You may know of where you are feeling stuck or know of a block in your life - a story that keeps repeating itself - or may simply feel that something is out of balance.  

I’ve studied a variety of healing modalities.  Intuitively I draw on what is needed for your healing. I do not work exclusively with one modality in a session.

During a healing session at Inner Peace Healing I tap into disturbances, blockages or feelings of dis-ease in the energy body and energy field that create a feeling of being stuck and out of balance with oneself.   They are cleared so that you leave the session feeling lighter and more at peace and energised to embrace life.  Crystal Surgery, Transformational Kinesiology, Past Lives and Reiki are the corner stones of the session.

These are some of the healing modalities (click on link to read more) that I draw on during a session to facilitate the healing process for the client -

  1. Transformational Kinesiology

  2. Family Constellations

  3. Crystal Healing

  4. Crystal Surgery

  5. Reiki

  1. Pranic Healing

  2. Hypnosis

  3. Past Life Regression

  4. Life between Lives Regression

  5. Shamanic Practices

  6. Stone Divination Readings

What I have learnt and experienced through Kundalini yoga and the Munay Ki rites, though  not considered healing modalities as such they do influence my work and are both a source of healing and spiritual growth.  I began studying Shamanic Family Constellations in 2016.  I look forward to offering this incredible systemic healing modality to clients in 2018 when I complete my studies.  In the meantime I am aware of aspects of Family Constellations creeping into my work.

Thus each treatment at Inner Peace Healing is unique - based on what is needed to balance your mind, body and spirit so that you leave Inner Peace Healing with a feeling of deep relaxation, inner peace and a smile in your heart.

Non statutory health practitioner

Treatments offered at Inner Peace Healing are not intended to replace services offered by the conventional medical fraternity.  Their purpose is to compliment the healing process. 

Energy healing can assist in preventing illnesses from manifesting by clearing away energy blockages before they can manifest as physical illnesses, and assist in the healing process once the energy has manifested in the physical body.

In energy healing the healer acts as a conduit.  When the recipient is open and it is for their highest good they will receive the healing energy and the healing is able to take place. Healing does not come from the person giving the healing energy - it comes from within each of us as we open our hearts.


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6 - 27 August 2018 

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