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Family Constellations

Shamanic Family Constellations Journey

Group Constellation workshops

11 June, 2 July & 23 July 2019

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Family Constellations

Sometimes despite all the work we do on ourselves we are not able to shift an issue. It could be that the source of the issues lies within the family system. We all have the need to belong and to be part of the system (even if it does not feel like it). To keep the balance we take on things that are not ours to own - entanglements are created which result in repeated behavioural patterns, addictions, illnesses or unknowingly taking on responsibilities of family members.

Family Constellations was developed by Bert Hellinger in the 1990’s. It began as group work with a group of people who are not related - referred to as a Group Family Constellations workshop.  A person in the group is ‘constellated ’ and the other people in the group step in as ‘representatives’.  The process starts with a discussion between the facilitator and the client to get a broad outline of the issue requiring healing and the client’s family. People from the group are selected to represent family members for the client.  These representatives are placed by the client or find their own place within the circle.  As they do so they step into “the knowing field”.  The process unfolds guided by what is revealed and the facilitator. You do not need any experience to attend - just an open heart and a willingness to trust and allow yourself to sink into the magic of constellation work. 

When a group is not present there is the option of a private one on one constellation. During these one on one constellations I use doll people to represent the client and family members. I incorporate Crystal Surgery to support the healing  process

I was first introduced to Family Constellations attending Niall Campbell’s Family Constellation workshops in 2015. I’ve completed training as a facilitator in Shamanic Family Constellations with Gui Barcellos and Claudia Vassoa.   Their teachings follow Movement of the Soul and Movement of Spirit.  In typical Robyn style I am also studying with Tanja Meyburgh of African Constellations who follows the Classical Family Constellation style. Will soon complete the Advanced Training Modules. In February 2019 I attended the 6 day Australasian Constellation Intensive.

Shamanic Family Constellations Journey

This is a series of 3 workshops to facilitate a healing journey of releasing entanglements to find flow in your life, of finding your place in your family, acknowledging the gifts you've received being part of your family and honouring your ancestors. 

In each session we will hold Group Family Constellations where you will have an opportunity to represent and if you are drawn - to be constellated. There is healing in both representing and being constellated. 

Woven between the Family Constellations will be Healing Drum Journeys, Meditations, Constellation Exercises, and the receiving of the Munay Ki Healers Rite - which brings healing to the recipient and their ancestors.  

Its a healing journey drawing on Shamanic Constellations, African Constellations and my work as a Shamanic Practitioner.

The Shamanic Constellation Journey consists of 3 workshops :

  1. 11 June 10.00am - 1.30/2.00pm

  2. 2 July 10.00am - 1.30/2.00pm

  3. 23 July 10.00 - 1.30/2.00.

Cost: R1250 for all 3 sessions.  Payment options available. 

You are welcome to join the Kundalini Yoga Class which is held before the workshop at 8.00 am.  The kriyas and meditations will support the work done in Journey.

I offer one-on-one Family Constellations and Group Constellation Workshops  Please email Robyn on should you wish to be on the Group Constellation Mailing list.