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Family Constellations

Sometimes despite all the work we do on ourselves we are not able to shift an issue. It could be that the source of the issues lies within the family system. We all have the need to belong and to be part of the system (even if it does not feel like it). To keep the balance we take on things that are not ours to own - entanglements are created which result in repeated behavioural patterns, addictions, illnesses or unknowingly taking on responsibilities of family members.

One can either experience a one on one constellation (which is offered at Inner Peace Healing).  Alternatively one can join a Group Constellation workshop to have your specific issue constellated.  Else you may attend as a representative - in which case you may be chosen to represent a family member of the person being constellated.  That is itself is a magical process too.  You do not need any experience to attend - just an open heart and a willingness to trust and allow yourself to sink into the magic of constellation work. 

I was first introduced to Family Constellations attending Niall Campbell’s Family Constellation workshops in 2015.  I have trained as a facilitator in Shamanic Family Constellations with Gui Barcellos and Claudia Vassoa.   Their teachings follow Movement of the Soul and Movement of Spirit.  In typical Robyn style I have also begun studying with Tanja Meyburgh of African Constellations who follows the Classical Family Constellation style.  I have completed the Foundation Training and am now doing the Advanced Training Modules.

I offer one-on-one Shamanic Family Constellations. 

I will post when Group Constellation Workshop are being held at Inner Peace Healing.  Else see the Recommended Facilitators to check when they will be holding constellation workshops.