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What is Hypnosis ?

What hypnosis is not is what you see on stage shows - no I’m not going to make you quack like duck - a question my husband kept asking me when I started studying hypnosis.  I can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do - you are always in control during a hypnosis session. 

So what is it? Its a process that allows you to dig deep into your subconscious - and release emotions and experiences that no longer serve you.  It allows you to change mental patterns that are preventing you from living a normal balanced life. 

Many consider all forms of hypnosis ‘self-hypnosis’.  The only difference is that in a one-on-one session you are being guided on your specific journey.  Hypnosis does not cure things - what does is relieve the symptoms - and therefore resulting in an improved quality of life.   Hypnosis is the tool that gives you the courage, determination and will power to make the needed changes.

There is an endless list of what can be treated with hypnosis.  My focus is not to stop smoking or loose weight - though if that is what you need I will assist you in the process with the greatest of pleasure.  My focus is to help one release past hurts, pain and trauma, or blockages whether at a conscious or subconscious level. This enable one to lead a balanced life without fear, building self confidence,  finding that inner peace within by learning to love oneself and be a peace with that beautiful being that is within each of us.

The Hypnosis Treatment

The initial hypnosis treatment starts with you completing a questionnaire so that I can fully understand the issue that needs treatment.

Before starting the hypnosis session typically Transformational Kinesiology is used to check if there are any blocks in preventing the desired outcome of the hypnosis.


The first stage is referred to as induction. You are then taken into a process of deep relaxation - which is essentially of a guided meditation create a deep feeling of relaxation and peacefulness.  This relaxation process takes you into what we refer to as a ‘trance‘ in hypnosis.  In this trance state you take yourself to your ‘sacred space’.  Somewhere where you feel completely safe and protected.   

In this ‘sacred space’, while in the trance state your subconscious opens up. Suggestions are given as to a more positive way to react in situations.  We work through a process of releasing the unfavourable experiences.  Towards the end of the trance stage we work through metaphors to build a positive future.

You are then gently helped to move out of the trance state and back into the ‘real’ world. 

If you had a traumatic release during the treatment I like to combine the hypnosis with reiki.  Reiki helps your emotional body recover from the trauma. 

I have found that hypnosis combines extremely well with Transformational Kinesiology.  In kinesiology we can test to see your reaction to statements - are they still embedded or have we released them.  Using kinesiology with the hypnosis shows your conscious mind what your subconscious is still holding onto and what it has released.

Registered with SAHMA, GHSC, GMTI

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