Inner Peace Healing
Meditations Down at the River
Meditations Down at the River

Flowing down the side of the garden at Inner Peace Healing is a mountain steam - not really a river.  I grew up next door and we always called the steam a ‘river’ so that name has stuck.  Beside the river is a wooden platform and a grove of large bamboo surrounded by trees - a place that invites one to come and meditate. 

I’m always struck with incredible gratitude that a place of such peace and beauty is right here. Simply have to share it - so starting in 2012 held sporadic meditations.  These have evolved into regular monthly meditations.

Meditation Down at the River - 16 July 2019 - Full Moon Energizer

The gentle mountain stream has been transformed into wild waters with the winter rains.  When I stand beside the river with the torrent tumbling down the mountain side any thoughts of dropping into silliness evaporate.  I feel cleansed, refreshed and invigorated. 

Here we have to drop our preconceived ideas about positive and negative. When water flows quickly negative ions are released - the faster its flowing, the more negative ions in the air.  These negative ions counteract the positive ions that are released by the electronics which surround us.  When we breathe in these negative ions a biological reaction happens and serotonin is produced.  Serotonin helps alleviate depression, decrease stress and  increase energy levels.

The volume of the water is too loud for me to do a guided meditation.  So come and sit in wildness of this water.

We will meet upstairs first in the yoga studio for a healing drum journey and to share a breathing exercise to help drop you into a more meditative state.  We move down to the river where the water will work its magic.

Arrive from 9.45 to have a warming cup of chai.  We will move down to the yoga studio at 10.00.  After the mediation there will be tea and snacks beside the river if its not too chilly.

Cost: R100

Please dress warmly and bring a blanket to wrap round yourself.

This event is weather dependant so please give your cell number when you RSVP so that Robyn can confirm plans if the weather looks uncertain.

There is a Kundalini Yoga class that takes place before the meditation from 8.00-9.30.  Tea and fruit is served after the class.  Drop in class R100. 

Please be aware: There are steep steps on the pathway down  to the meditation platform beside the river.  Navigated at your own risk.