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Meditations Down at the River

Monthly Meditations Down at the River

Flowing down the side of the garden at Inner Peace Healing is a mountain steam - not really a river.  I grew up next door and we always called the steam a ‘river’ so that name has stuck.  Beside the river is a wooden platform and a grove of large bamboo surrounded by trees - a place that invites one to come and meditate. 

I’m always struck with incredible gratitude that a place of such peace and beauty is right here. Simply have to share it - so starting in 2012 held sporadic meditations.  These have evolved into regular monthly meditations.

Tuesday 16 January 2018 10.00 am

With the new moon rising early on the 17th is a perfect time to step into 2018 - asking what  it is that the new year brings for you.  If you already know then feeling into it.  Then following the path that lies ahead for the new year and seeing where one is putting up blocks to prevent it taking place.  We will check for cords that could be holding you back and then releasing them.    Cost R60

After the meditation we will sit in the stillness and enjoy iced tea and healthy snacks.

Please be aware: There are steep steps on the pathway down  to the meditation platform beside the river.  Navigated at your own risk. 

Movement into Meditation

Inspired by the music of Kundalini Yoga the first of these classes will be held on Wednesday 31 January 2018 7.15 - 8.30.

Starting with the gentle Relaxation Movement Series Kriya we ease our bodies to release the stress of the day with gentle rhythmic dance - moving our bodies to beautiful sounds of Kundalini Yoga mantras.

"Rhythmic, unforced, graceful, and free movement relaxes the entire body and releases the tensions we store in the body from our daily emotions. All emotional traumas leave their signature of tension in the body, which need to be released. Feeling the entire body confirms the reality of the relaxation and smoothes the aura."

We then move into a Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) meditation and complete the class in silence. The meditation will celebrate that the 31 January is full moon and a lunar eclipse.

Please confirm your atttendance emailing Robyn on

Cost - R100


Meditation Down at the River

Tuesday 16 January 10.00am

Releasing for New Moon and New Year