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Meditations Down at the River
Monthly Meditations Down at the River

Flowing down the side of the garden at Inner Peace Healing is a mountain steam - not really a river.  I grew up next door and we always called the steam a ‘river’ so that name has stuck.  Beside the river is a wooden platform and a grove of large bamboo surrounded by trees - a place that invites one to come and meditate. 

I’m always struck with incredible gratitude that a place of such peace and beauty is right here. Simply have to share it - so starting in 2012 held sporadic meditations.  These have evolved into regular monthly meditations.

A Meditative Morning - 6 November 2018

It feels like we need to spend time beside the river while there is still water flowing.  So instead of the usual 90 minute meditation and tea and chats, we will spend 3 hours beside this magical mountain stream.

A Meditative Morning will be a morning of connecting to the stillness of nature - in meditation, in gentle observation, in journalling. 

My drum which I made last year has been calling me over the past few weeks.  The intention when it was birthed was that it would be used for Soul Retrievals.  Its message to me is that its a healing drum.  So you will receive a healing drumming session to clear and balance one’s energy field.  

Make it a Full Meditative Morning and arrive at 8.00 and join the Kundalini Yoga class  - R300.

Or join at 9.45 for Meditative Morning R250

We will end at round 1.00pm.

So its comfortable for all beside the river numbers are limited to 8 people.

Please book your space by emailing robyn at or messaging her on 083 309 6092.

Bring a rattle if you have one (I do have spares if you don’t have one), bring a sun hat, journal and pen, blanket or wrap to cover yourself during the drum journey, wear comfortable clothing and shoes.  We will be building a despatcho mandala which we will be offering to the river.  You are welcome to bring red (and hues of reds, pinks and oranges) and white flowers/petals, easily biodegradable or natural things that you would like to add to mandala.

Please be aware: There are steep steps on the pathway down  to the meditation platform beside the river.  Navigated at your own risk.