Inner Peace Healing
Munay-Ki Rites

Munay Ki Journey begins 30 January 2018


8 sessions of sitting in circle and receiving the rites

The Munay-Ki Rites

My experience of the Munay Ki Rites is of spiritual awakening and a deepening of

connection to Source.  The Rites, together with the Harmony Rite meditations,

take one on a journey of cleansing, self exploration as to how one perceives the world, invoking change where required and opening the pathway of empowerment

to know that one can change the manner is which one experiences life.”  Robyn

Munay-Ki Rites are ancient shamanic rites that have been kept sacred by the Q’ero nation - descendants of the Inca. In 2006 the elders asked Dr Alberto Villoldo to share these rites with the West.They felt that we were in a critical juncture of human history and that they should be shared with as many people as possible.

Munay-Ki means “I love you” and “Be as thou art”.  I prefer the second translation as for me its a better description of the journey that one experiences after receiving the rites. Its a journey of healing, protection, cleansing, vision - learning to see the invisible world, connecting with luminous beings, a knowing that one has the power to dream the world into being, becoming homo-luminous and finally coming to the deep realisation that each of us is an embodiment of Spirit.

The rites are energetic seeds that are planted at spirit level in your luminous energy field (aura). The seeds grow by connecting with fire (a candle flame will do) and meditating on the ‘seeds’ planted in the luminous energy field during the gifting of the rite.  Further growth is experienced as one shares these rites with others.  The gift of the Munay-Ki is that when one has received all 9 rites and completed the Harmony Rite meditations - one is able to share the rites with others. 

The Foundation Rites consist of the Healer’s Rite, Bands of Power, Harmony and Seers Rites.

  1. The Healer rite connects you to Luminous Beings for your healing and for you to heal others.

  2. The Bands of Power provides protection

  3. In the Harmony Rite seeds of an archetype is planted into each chakra. You need to meditate for 2 weeks on each chakra’s archetype to grow the seed and to clear away old debris out of the chakra. (Fortnightly emails are sent to guide you through the process.)

  4. The Seer rite awakens your ability to see and perceive energy

The Lineage Rites connect one to the Luminous beings and archangels who are the guardians of our galaxy. They come from the past, the present and the future.

  1. The Day Keeper’s Rite - connecting with the midwives, herbalist and healers  - balancing the feminine within you and allowing one to step beyond fear into peace.

  2. The Wisdom Keeper’s Rite - connecting with the keepers of the medicine teachings -  balancing the masculine and teaching one to step outside of time to taste infinity. 

  3. Then the Earth Keeper’s Rite - which connects one to Mother Earth and to the whole of creation, and brings healing and balance to any situation.  

And the last set are the Rites of Time to Come. 

  1. The Star Keeper’s Rite - planting the seeds for one to become homo-luminous and anchors you safely with the energetic changes that started in 2012. 

  2. And the Creator Rite which awakens your God-light within - deepening that knowing that we are all one with Spirit.

You can read more about the rites on the Munay Ki website.

Receiving the Munay-Ki Rites

At Inner Peace Healing the Munay Ki Rites are shared over time instead of in a weekend workshop.  This is to allow for the initiate receiving the rites time to absorb the gifts that the individual rites offer. 

Munay Ki Journey  - starting on Tuesday 30 January 2018

The rites are shared on a fortnightly basis over 8 sessions.  This journey is designed around the Harmony Rite meditations.  When one receives the Harmony rite the seeds of an Archetype is planted into each chakra.  One needs to meditate for 2 weeks on each archetype to clear out the psychic sludge in the chakra, and to connect to the archetype so that one may experience life with the gifts and knowledge that each Archetype brings - and examining one’s past history in this lifetime and past lifetimes.

During the Munay Ki Rites Journey we will also talk about the Andean Medicine Wheel and its Four Directions, the Four Elements, the Luminous Energy Field, creating an alter and other topics relating to shamanism and healing, and do a shamanic drum journey to the Lower World to connect to your power animal. 

Sessions on Tuesday mornings 9.45 for 10.00 start. They will be 2 to 2.5 hours depending on the rite shared and feedback from the group.  The first session is longer as two rites are shared. 

R2000 if paid upfront for all or R250 per session

During the sessions (Journey and Sets) you will receive -

  1. The 9 Munay-Ki Rites

  2. Booklet on the Munay-Ki Rites - details about each rite, how to create sacred space and other information relevant to deepening your understanding of the Munay Ki Rites

  3. Fortnightly emails with an explanation on each archetype to guide your meditations (linked to the Harmony rite),

  4. Your own pi stone when you receive the Creator Rite

  5. A DVD, produced by Dr Villoldo and the Four Winds Society, on the Munay-Ki Rites and demonstrations on how to share the rites

Require a minimum of 6 people to for the Munay Ki Journey workshops outside of scheduled workshops. 

Else can be done on a one on one basis - as part of a healing session.

The next Munay Ki Journey will take place in 2018.

Coaching on Sharing the Rites and Practice Time

After receiving the rites there is an extra session.  Everyone who has received the rites and has completed the meditations may share the rites.  The more people who share the rites the better.

I do not include teaching sharing of the rites when the sharing of the rites simply because there is so much to absorb.  So rather than receiving and learning how to share the rites at the same time prefer to do it as a separate session once the rites have been assimilated.

The cost is R250 which includes a manual on how to share the rites.

“Myself & my beloved husband attended the Munay Ki Rites together, and found that it took us on deep personal journey. We were in transition and were between homes, and will always remember now the super charged energy felt at this time during our stay in this one particular home, due to the experiences felt during this course. 

The intention  behind each of the rites assisted us in actually doing the work, ie the time spent on each Rite, whether with Sacred Fire, Meditation, Shamanic Drum Journey or writing journals & discoveries along the way. We felt this period to be a highly charged time; a time of deep reflection & communing with Spirit, ancient beings and most certainly the Spirit Allies & animals connected to each Rite.  For us, it seemed to lift the Veil, or put in another way, the veil became more transparent. We began to see plant energies in our garden, and became more finely tuned & sensitive to the environment. I was also undergoing my Shamanic Ministerial Training at the time, and felt doing this course created a larger web of understanding, and how so many teachings correlated, from North  to South within the different lineages. I would highly recommend this course, especially if you are committed to doing the work in between the Rites. It is truly expansive on a tangible level. A beautiful location down by the river, with a beautiful circle of beings, lead by a truly sincere & wise Medicine Woman, Robyn Fergus. Thank you so much for all the amazing work you do dear Robyn, from Crystal Surgery, to Kinesiology, to past life regression,  just to mention a few.”

Michelle Reid

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