Inner Peace Healing
Past Life Regression

Past Lives form an integral part of the                         healing process at Inner Peace Healing. 

I do no longer offer Past Live regression sessions.  Instead the relevant past lives that need to be remembered are presented to me during the sessions as a deep knowing.  At times the client also experiences       

the Past Life as the healing takes place.

What is Past Life Regression?  

Past Life Regression gives us glimpses into some of our previous lives.  For many people understanding what happened in previous lives helps them understand what some of what is happening in this life.  I’ve had clients feeling more comfortable about career direction by understanding what they did in previous lives, or have a deeper understanding of why they have a particular relationship with a person, or why they have weakness in a certain part of their body.  Or its just pure curiosity.

We can’t direct which lives we will visit during a Past Life Regression session.  We can set an intention as to what we hope to achieve or learn in the session - its up to one’s higher self where one is taken.  My experience is that whatever transpires the client learns something meaningful or useful to them in this life time.

The Past Lives incorporated into your Healing Session

At Inner Peace Healing no longer offer traditional “Past Life Regression” or PLR sessions.  Instead I drop into past lives for clients which need to be revealed for healing to take place. These could be traumatic past lives or lives which simply need to be recalled for healing to take place in this life time.  Sometimes the client travels into the past life with me sometimes not. 

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