Inner Peace Healing


What is Reiki?

The meaning of the Japanese word reiki is ‘universal life energy’.  It was rediscover by Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist monk in the early 1800’s.  

In a reiki treatment the ‘universal life energy’ is channelled through a person - who has received a reiki attunement by a reiki master -  to activate the healing process in your body.  The reiki energy knows which area of your body needs healing - be it physical , emotional or  your energy body.  That is beauty of reiki - is its innate ability to support your healing process. 

Reiki treatments:

  1. -reduce your stress levels and help relax you

  2. -make you feel more energised and ready to face the challenges of life

  3. -removes energetic blockages

  4. -help your body heal dis-eases

- assists in healing at an emotional, mental and spiritual level

The Reiki Treatment

At the start of the treatment I will scan your body and feeling where there are blockages and where your body needs reiki.  Usui Reiki does have a ‘standard’ set of reiki hand positions that the Reiki practitioners may follow.   I may follow these steps or may be guided to channel the reiki energy into areas of your body where it is needed the most.  The hands may be lightly placed on your body or held about the body - depending on the area of the body and the nature of the nature of the energy felt and being channelled.

Often discomfort in a part of your body or dis-ease is as a result of an emotion which has created an energy blockage in your physical body.  William Lee Rand developed “Physic Surgery” to remove these blockages.  My Reiki Teacher prefers to call it “Removing Energy that no longer Serves”.  If needed we will do this.  I will ask you to imagine and describe how this ‘discomfort‘ feels. I’ll then start to remove it using reiki. As this progresses you should feel a change in the area of discomfort - moving it back to a feeling that is more in tune with the rest of your body.  Then I’ll check again to see if there has been a change.

Towards the end of the reiki treatment I check that all energy blockages have been removed, that your chakras are cleansed, energised and are in balance with each other.

Crystals are very much part of my healing practice so if guided I’ll place crystals on your body during the reiki session and a crystal grid around you. 

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