Inner Peace Healing
Stone Divination Readings

During a healing session at Inner Peace Healing I read the energy body and energy field.  Hearing what stories are trapped - from this and past lives.  Understanding what is standing in the way of healing or moving forward in life. Or perhaps a passed one comes to visit to assist with the healing the client or pass on a message.  Some refer to this as being psychic or a medium.  I like to think of it as an intuitive energy reading.

We all have the ability to be deeply intuitive. That is what I love about Stone Divination.  It taps into your gift to know the answer to your question.

The words “Stone Divination” carry many conjectures as to what it may be about.  Its a process that I learnt from my Shamanic Teacher Neil Schapera while delving deeper into Shamanism.

What is Stone Divination?

The answers to one’s questions in life lie deep within oneself.  Yet somehow we are not sure how to access that information.  Perhaps we don’t trust the knowings that come to us.  We can’t see the wood for the trees.  We are overloaded with information so can’t see the answer clearly.  This is where Stone Divination steps in - when you consciously think that you don’t have the answer to a question or need more clarity on an issue or situation.

Stone Divination is a process which draws on your innate knowing.   Based on the stones you choose, the sequence of their selection and what you see or feel as your hold the stone - the answers are revealed.   Stone Divination is a process which takes one beyond the conscious mind.  Its a process which allows you to connect to your higher self and guides who do know the answer and what is for your Highest Good.

The Stone Divination Process

Come with a question or issue that needs more clarity.   With gentle shamanic rattling we  create a sacred space and call in benevolent spirits to guide us in the process.  The rattling relaxes one and helps bring one into the present.

You will be asked select 5 stones .  As you select the stone you express what you see in the stone, perhaps what it makes you think of or what you feel - whatever comes to mind.  Allowing the words to flow.  Each of the stones represent an aspect of the issue.  I take what you tell me, what the stones share with me and their healing properties in context of the issue or question.  With this information clarity is given to the issue or question. 

Its remarkable how the same stone appears so different - providing different information -depending on the information that needs to be revealed.  Its a beautifully empowering and enlightening process.

Stone Divination is not a healing session.  Its about revealing what spirit feels is for your highest good in a given situation.  Depending on what is asked the session can be shorter or longer.  You can choose Reading and Reiki which takes one hour.  Gentle reiki is used to help ground what has come to light.

Or you may choose Reading and Healing if you know you need more than clarity or guidance on an issue - include ensuring that all the blocks for moving forward are cleared.