The photographs on this website were taken during my travels. Most of them on my visits to Mana Pools – the place where the seed for Inner Peace Healing germinated. When I imagine standing under these magnificent trees or watching the flow of the great Zambezi River my heart opens and I experience deep stillness and I smile. I hope that while looking at these images the essence of Mana Pools weaves magic for you too.

Mana Pools is a National Park in the north of Zimbabwe bordering on the Zambezi River.

About Inner Peace Healing
Robyn Fergus touching sacred rocks in Peru

Robyn Fergus

Robyn Fergus opened Inner Peace Healing in 2010.

How Inner Peace Healing came in to being

In 2007 while I was in walking Mana Pools in Zimbabwe I felt an inner shift – a soul shift. By end of the year I had resigned from the corporate world having no clear plan other than to travel solo through South Africa and take photographs. By 2009 I knew that I had to open a healing practice.  When the knowing landed I felt fear as to how this complete change of direction would impact my life.  Yet I knew that not following this path was simply not an option.

For as long as I can recall, my goal has always been to have inner peace – to have the ability to close my eyes and feel peace and contentedness encompass my soul. To simply just ‘be’. So when it came to naming my healing practice “Inner Peace Healing” was the obvious choice.

Over the years the offering at Inner Peace Healing has evolved as I’ve studied different healing modalities. With hindsight I can see now that each provided the foundation for what came next.

My wish is that clients leave Inner Peace Healing, after a healing session or a workshop, with a sense of flow and inner peace.

Robyn’s Background

After completing Business Science degree (Honours in Marketing and Economics) at UCT, I worked happily in the corporate world at Woolworths for 22 years. My time working on projects, with user groups, coaching and training people provided a good grounding when it comes to facilitating Family Constellations Group Workshops and running Constellation and Munay Ki Journeys.

Its now my 11th year of facilitating healing. Over the years I have been blessed to have wonderful teachers who have shared their knowledge and skills.

Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan)

I attended my first Kundalini Yoga class in 2008. It was here that the penny dropped that we are so much more than our physical bodies. It put me on the path of opening Inner Peace Healing.

Subsequently attending Level 2 modules of “Mind and Meditation” and “Authentic Relationships” with Pritam Khalsa of 3HO South Africa.


When I opened Inner Peace Healing in 2010 I offered bodywork. Soon I realised that my gift lay with energy work rather than bodywork. It did however provide a perfect opportunity to study the body and how stories and beliefs can manifest as discomfort and dis-ease in the body

Energy Healing

Hypnosis, Past Life Regression & Life Between Life Regression

Although I no longer offer regression and hypnosis sessions, aspects of what I learnt form part of sessions. When a client needs to know about a past life these are shown to me during a healing session and shared with the client.

  • Past Life Regression with John Dutton |2010
  • Diploma in Hypnosis and Guided Meditation with John Dutton at SAHMA, recognised by GHSC, GMTI |2011
  • Quantum Hypnosis |2012
  • Life Between Lives Regression with Doug Buckingham of the Regression Academy. |2014

Crystal Healing & Crystal Surgery

Despite Crystal Resonance being one of the first modalities I engaged with it was only in 2014 that I really “got it”regarding the power of the frequency of crystals in the Crystal Surgery protocols. Crystal Surgery forms the basis of all Energy Healing sessions.

  • Crystal Resonance Therapy with Joshua Maree |2009
  • Crystal Surgery Levels 1 and 2, and Advanced Crystal Healing with Vivien Schapera of Crystal Surgery |2013 – 2017
  • Certified Crystal Healing Instructor with Crystal Surgery |2018

Family Constellations

I attended my first family constellation in 2015 with Niall Campbell.  I loved the incredible shifts that his modality can bring about. It complements the Energy Healing beautifully.  I have graduated as a Facilitator with two different schools – one focusing more on Movement of the Soul and the other on Classical Constellations.  Then studied the more recent work of Bert Hellinger – New Constellations.

  • Shamanic Family Constellations with Claudia Vassão and Guilherme Barcellos |2016 – 2018
  • Classical Constellations Tanja Meyburgh’s African Constellations |2018 – 2019
  • New Constellations – Quantum Constellations with Claudia Vassão in 2019.
  • I attended the 4 day African Constellation Experience in 2018 and the 6 day Australasia Constellation Intensive for 2019.

In addition to the teachers mentioned I’ve attended workshops with Francesca Mason Boring, Sarah Peyton , Stephan Hausner, Karin Haussin and more

Shamanic Practices

I am deeply drawn to Shamanic Work of South America which is about being in harmony and in connection with Nature. From North America I learnt about Soul Retrieval and healing drum journeys.  From our African heritage I draw on the deep respect for one’s Ancestors and the Land.

While studying the various healing modalities I have come to realise that deep within each of our subconscious and our soul is that healing ability.  We have to open our hearts to tap into the innate wisdom, deeply trust and share it.

Robyn Fergus
Prem Prakash Kaur
Jordy, a golden retriever, sitting up against a rock face


The Inner Peace Healing Assistant

Jordy, a change of career guide dog, joined Inner Peace Healing in October 2017. She literally landed in the healing room. Her surrogate mum had an appointment on the day she heard that Jordy did not pass her medical so was unable to continue her training to be a guide dog for the blind. It was Jordy’s way of finding her way back to being in this space again.

She joins in the Group Family Constellation workshops – representing when she is needed. Jordy seems to know which clients need her to be close by.  She is a gentle dolphin dog who loves to be loved and has a perfect calming energy about her – that is unless she is running with wild enthusiasm.

Remembering my Previous Assistants

Chardy was the official meeter and greeter of all who arrived at The Anchorage. She passed on in March 2014. We miss her happy barks.

Rupert’s deep breathing and presence was very much part of one’s experience at Inner Peace Healing. He loved being with me in the healing room. He was an excellent snorer and is featured on many insomnia hypnosis recordings.

In March 2015 he went to join his spirit sister. Yet his presence is still felt by many clients who knew him. He is definitely working in the Spirit Realm. Every now and again I get a clear message from him to ask a client what feels like a very random question – and he’s always spot on.