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Peer Constellation Conversations – Resourcing oneself

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As facilitators, we know how important it is to be resourced when working in The Field.  Yet what happens when we step we are not working?  Do we keep connected to our resources?  I know that at times I forget to connect. This Peer Constellation Conversation will be a bit longer than normal to give us time to share what we do to resource ourselves when we work as facilitators, and then to do Constellation Exercises to explore what is…

The (Hidden) Cost of Belonging – PEER SESSION

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Our deep need to belong, the 'rules' of the collective conscious, blind love and magical thinking, the discomfort of having a bad conscious - these may result in what I think of as the (hidden) cost of belonging. I'm hoping that we can gather 3 - 5 people together to explore this topic. We come into the session with no 'real issue', rather allow the process to reveal when we cannot see. The inspiration comes from working with "Movement of…

Constellation Conversations – Gems from the Constellation Conference

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Attending the International Constellation Conference has coaxed me into organising Constellation Conversations again.  When I've attended in person Intensives I love chatting at lunch or tea about what we'd heard and experienced.  Exploring how it would impact our work as facilitators.  Much as I appreciate these online events, I miss these conversations. An invitation to those that participated in the International Constellation Conference from 7-13 May to share what were the gems that jumped out at you, new ways of…

Constellation Conversation – more Gems from the Constellations Conference

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Constellation Conversation - more Gems from the Constellations Conference The waiting list for the Constellation Conversations on 23 May, plus realising that condensing 7 days and nights of the International Constellation Conference's presentation into 2 hours is simply not possible. That means that we need another circle for sharing the gems. So this Constellation Conversation is a continuation of last week's session inspired by the International Constellation Conference that was held 7 -13 May.  A space to share the gems…

Constellation Conversations – Orders of Helping

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The Orders of Helping In this Peer Constellation Conversation, we will be exploring the Orders of Helping.  Looking at each of these Orders and how disorders come into play when either ourselves or our clients move out of balance with the order. Earlier this year when facilitating a group constellation,  I fell down the rabbit hole of not stopping a constellation when I knew I should have - saying I should stop but I am going to continue!  I was…

Family Constellation Group Workshops

The next Constellation Circle is on Tuesday 15 February 22

Family Constellations with Robyn Fergus at Inner Peace Healing

Shamanic Munay Ki Journey

The Munay Ki Journey starts on 22 March 22. A spiritual journey of receiving the 9 Munay Ki Rites over 8 fortnightly sessions

Munay Ki Journey

Meditation Down at the River

Come and join a meditation, sitting in circle in stillness beside the Baviaanskloof mountain stream

Frog in river