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Constellation Circle – Black Sheep & Belonging….

Online with Zoom

The inspiration for this Constellation workshop, on 23 October, came from observing a weaver bird who behaved differently to the rest of his flock. He was the only weaver who came to feed on the aloe flowers, while the others haggled at the bird feeder or busied themselves building this season's nests. In human terms he would be called the Black Sheep of the family - daring to do things differently from the family norm.   In Family Constellations, according to…


Online Constellation Circle – Bringing in Balance

Online with Zoom

Does staying in balance in your life feel like a circus performance?  You know those juggling acts where the performer has several plates spinning at the same time.  Or like a happy balance, when 2 children position themselves exactly right on a seesaw in equilibrium.  So even though its for just a slow-motion moment they are suspended in perfect balance before the next up and down. From a Family Constellations perspective,  balance is about giving and taking. This is one…


Peer Constellation Conversations – Resourcing oneself

Online with Zoom

As facilitators, we know how important it is to be resourced when working in The Field.  Yet what happens when we step we are not working?  Do we keep connected to our resources?  I know that at times I forget to connect. This Peer Constellation Conversation will be a bit longer than normal to give us time to share what we do to resource ourselves when we work as facilitators, and then to do Constellation Exercises to explore what is…

Constellation Circle – Nurtured by Nature

Inner Peace Healing 18 Skaife StreetHout Bay,

Find your connection back to Nature - to resource you, to nurture you. Join Robyn Fergus for a morning of constellations on 30 March 2021.


Meditation Down at the River – Meeting with Fire

Inner Peace Healing 18 Skaife StreetHout Bay,

Over the next few mediations, we will be exploring the cosmology and elements medicine wheel of the Dagara Tradition - Fire, Water, Earth, Mineral and Nature.  In this tradition the starting point is fire.  Fire brings us into connection with the Spirit World and our ancestors. The morning will be a gentle one of dropping into the quietness of a slow flow of the mountain stream. We will explore the attributes of fire as we drop into the stillness of…


Meditation Down at the River – Welcoming Water

Inner Peace Healing 18 Skaife StreetHout Bay,

Over the next few mediations, we will be exploring the cosmology and elements medicine wheel of the Dagara Tradition - Fire, Water, Earth, Mineral and Nature. The inspiration comes from Malidoma Patrice Some's book - The Healing Wisdom of Africa.  This is the second in the series where we will connect with water. The morning closes with conversation, tea and snacks.  We should be complete by 11.45 (unless we keep chatting). Bring a blanket and pillow, and something to cover…


The (Hidden) Cost of Belonging – PEER SESSION

Online with Zoom

Our deep need to belong, the 'rules' of the collective conscious, blind love and magical thinking, the discomfort of having a bad conscious - these may result in what I think of as the (hidden) cost of belonging. I'm hoping that we can gather 3 - 5 people together to explore this topic. We come into the session with no 'real issue', rather allow the process to reveal when we cannot see. The inspiration comes from working with "Movement of…

Munay Ki Journey 2021

Online with Zoom

Shamanic Munay Ki Journey My experience of the Munay Ki Rites is of spiritual awakening and a deepening of connection to Source. The Rites, together with the Harmony Rite meditations, take one on a journey of cleansing, self-exploration as to how one perceives the world, invoking change where required and opening the pathway of empowerment to know that one can change the manner is which one experiences life. The rites are energetic seeds that are planted at Spirit level in…


Reignite the Munay Ki Rites Journey

Online with Zoom

For those of you who have already received the Munay Ki Rites, this is an invitation to join the online Shamanic Munay Ki Journey of 8 sessions with Robyn Fergus for a re-ignition of the rites. Instead of Robyn gifting the rites, you will receive and gift the rite to others, who like you, have already received them. It is a chance to build confidence in sharing the rites. The process of sharing the rites grows the energetic seeds even…


Family Constellation Group Workshops

Constellation Circles &
Shamanic Constellation Journeys

Family Constellations with Robyn Fergus at Inner Peace Healing

Shamanic Munay Ki Journey

A spiritual journey of receiving the 9 Munay Ki Rites over 8 fortnightly sessions

Meditation Down at the River

Come and sit in circle in stillness beside the Baviaanskloof mountain stream

Frog in river