Wise and Intuitive

I feel really lucky to come across Robyn. She has a very calming and warm presence which put me completely at ease right from the get-go. I had been completely stuck and Robyn helped me shift my energy which I’m extremely grateful for. I find her to be very intuitive and wise. She is such a gift, I couldn’t recommend her more. Barchi F

Years of Growth, Transformation and Healing

I have been seeing Robyn for 12 years. From time to time, I can feel I am stuck, and need to shift something. She is able to read what is going on, and suggest the best approach. We have worked on so many different aspects, and every time I come out back in flow. She’s had a seriously positive impact on my life over the years, and I’m deeply grateful for the space she has created. – Darren

Safe Space

I’ve been doing constellations with Robyn for just over a year & from the moment I met her she made me feel safe & welcomed. During each constellation I have participated in (in person & online), either as a representative or been constellated – Robyn has held the space & made me feel safe in her loving, nurturing, caring manner. Her work has assisted me in healing in such a gentle way. I’m forever grateful. – Roxanne


I have recently completed the Munay-Ki Rites process with Robyn and would recommend this to anyone looking to deepen their own journey & get to know themselves a little deeper…   Robyn holds a strong space with much added teachings to enhance this process and deepen the understanding of this ancient wisdom.   This is my second time doing this process and I found it as profound as the first time – both times with Robyn.   Having done many other workshops with Robyn over the years, including attending her Constellation workshops, I have no hesitation recommending her to someone looking for healing or support in their life. – Anthea

Robyn Has The Most Beautiful gift

Robyn has the most beautiful gift of healing in such a sacred and beautiful space.Robyn has helped me so much and I highly recommend her…I am so blessed to have Robyn help me on my journey. Her love and healing has truly made such a difference in my life.Thank you Robyn…..I trust you a 1000 percent. – Harriet

Meticulous and Professional

Robyn has always stood out as an exceptional healer. I appreciate the manner in which she conducts herself from the moment she accepts your booking, to the way she sends you on your way once it is all over. She doesn’t cut corners and has remained consistent and professional throughout the years. Her clients are fortunate, as I imagine they leave with much more than they bargained for, as she has gathered a fascinating toolbox of skills and she gives her all when engaging in a healing session. As an energy practitioner and working with family constellations myself, I can highly recommend her. My year would not feel complete if I have not had my annual session with her. – Zsofi Fouche


Nothing feels better than when you meet someone for the first time and it feels like you are already old friends, that’s what it feels like when you first meet Robyn. She is warm and welcoming and very connected to the work she does. Over the years my healing sessions with Robyn have helped me make major shifts in my life. I live a few hours away from Robyn’s studio, but it’s never too far to travel when I know I am ready to peel back the next layer and move forward. Thank you Robyn, I am very grateful! – Magda Strachan

Wonderful Robyn

Robyn at Inner Peace Healing is a beautiful, kind compassionate woman. I have been a client of Robyn’s for a little over two years. I have done reiki/Crystal healing, it has helped in so many ways. Robyn makes sure you’re comfortable, safe and in a place of love. I would definitely recommend her. – Opal Taylor