Energy Healing

Intuitive Energy Healing

Why come for an Intuitive Energy Healing treatment?

Just like reflections in water – so your energy body and energy field reveals what is happening in you at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Energy healing happens at the unseen energetic level yet it impacts you on all of these levels.

The need for the healing could be physical – an illness, discomfort in the body or recurring injuries. As a result of trauma, some illnesses and cancer treatments the chakras, energy body and energy field need support and recalibrating.

The healing could be at an emotional or mental level relating to relationships or your career and more.  Perhaps you may know of where you are feeling stuck – a pattern that keeps repeating itself, a block beyond which you cannot move.

Or simply as a result of everyday living, you feel that something is out of balance at an energetic level.  This is when your chakra system needs a retuning and the energy field need a cleanse, detoxing and rebalancing. 

What happens in the Intuitive Energy Healing treatment?

The session starts a conversation to understand (without too much detail)  the issue that needs healing. This is followed with a Crystal Surgery protocol to open up the energy field (aura), chakras and energy body. During this process, Robyn ‘reads’ what is happening at an energetic level giving direction for the rest of the session.

Over the years Robyn has studied many different healing modalities. (Listed in About) . About 8 years ago Robyn started working with a combination of modalities in one session – meeting the healing needs of the client. Then 6 years ago she found working with Crystal Surgery protocols significantly reduced the number of sessions for moving a ‘sense of stuckness’.  

She will tap into disturbances, blockages or feelings of dis-ease in the energy body and energy field that create these imbalances. They are cleared and in their place, we focus on how you want to see your life.  The intention is that you leave the session feeling lighter and more at peace and energised to embrace life. 

The healing modalities are combined to bring about the best possible result for every client.  These are some of the modalities used more often in the healing sessions.

Crystal Surgery & Crystal Healing

At Inner Peace Healing Robyn makes use of the protocols of Crystal Surgery as developed by Vivian Schapera. Its a very potent healing technique that works on your electromagnetic field – rebuilding and repairing it. It impacts on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Every crystal resonates with its own unique energy frequency. This energy allows crystals to assist in the cleansing and healing processes of our energy body. Since our energy body influences our physical body – the use of crystals can be used to support the healing of physical ailments.

Crystal Surgery is the cornerstone of all Intuitive Energy Healing sessions and plays an important role in supporting and releasing in Crystal Constellations. Read More…

Transformational Kinesiology

Transformational Kinesiology makes use of muscle testing from Applied Kinesiology – allowing one to tap into the subconscious. One can identify issues which are causing dis-ease, health syndromes, discomfort or blockages/stuck energy in the body, mind and soul.  Through the process of muscle testing, these issues can be identified. Once identified the next step is to gently clear the issues.

Muscle testing is a useful tool for you to show when you are holding self-limiting beliefs and to confirm that you have released them. Replacing them with beliefs that allow you to move forward with your life. Read More…


The meaning of the Japanese word Reiki is ‘universal life energy’.  In a reiki treatment the ‘universal life energy’ is channelled through a person – who has received a Reiki attunement by a reiki master –  to activate the healing process in your body.  The Reiki energy knows which area of your body needs healing – be it physical, emotional or your energy body. 

That is the beauty of reiki is its innate ability to support your healing process. It is relaxing and restorative. Read More

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a process of taking a client into a hypnotic trance, so allowing them to drop deep in the unconscious to access experiences of past lives. The past lives accessed usually have relevance to one’s current life.  Accessing this knowing can assist in healing and guiding this current life.

Robyn no longer takes clients into Past Life Regression.  Instead, the Past Lives that are needed to be revealed for your healing are revealed to her during the session.  Either as part of a Crystal Surgery process or in Transformational Kinesiology.

Soul Retrieval

During a traumatic experience, it is not uncommon to disassociate. To move into a place of safety.  In this movement, we lose aspects of ourselves, also known as soul fragments.  Soul Retrieval is an ancient Shamanic Process to retrieve fragments of your soul lost during trauma and to reincorporate them back into your being.

Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing was developed by Master Choa Kok Sui by carrying out extensive research into energy healing and its impact on the energy (aura) and physical body.  In his research, he found that a particular ailment has a distinctive energetic pattern in our energy body i.e. specific chakras and organs are impacted by that particular ailment.

He devised and tested very specific methodologies for dealing with both physical ailments – such as herniated disc, sciatica, arthritis, asthma, low energy levels, and psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, addictions and hyperactivity.

Pranic Healing is a non-touch healing modality.  Energy is channelled through the practitioner to the patient.

As with all energy healing, Pranic Healing can be used to complement the healing process with allopathic or conventional medicine.