Crystal Surgery

Crystal Surgery

Crystal Surgery is a powerful crystal healing modality that works by ‘operating’ on the energy field and the energy body using specific protocols and crystals.  It was developed by Vivien Schapera.  

The energy field is the electromagnetic force field (also known as the Luminous Energy Field and Aura) around the physical body.  The energy body is an energetic duplication of the physical body.  When one works on the energy body and energy field it impacts the physical body.

Crystal Surgery uses stones as tools. Some of the protocols make use of stones or crystals that are set in wands which are used to work in the energy field. Stones are used in a certain order in a particular manner – either on the physical body or in the energy field or placed on the body. The technique draws on the stone’s unique vibration based on its chemical composition, geometric structure and colour. The stones constantly communicate with the practitioner as to what is required for the client and the best sequence of protocols to follow.

If you are interested in Crystal Surgery Vivien has an extremely good website and has published what she refers to a textbook on Crystal.  If you want to get an idea of what happens in a Crystal Surgery session this is a link to Vivien’s many vlogs in which she demonstrates various techniques.

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