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Constellation Circle – Blind Love

26th January 2023 @ 09:30 13:30 SAST

Constellation Circle - Blind Love at Inner Peace Healing with Robyn Fergus.  A cub staring lovingly at a lioness

In this Constellation Circle, we will be exploring the power of Blind Love.  What are the contracts you made as a child in blind love in order to belong, to survive, that you still feel obligated to as an adult?  What is the cost to yourself of honouring to this contract created in blind love?

When I return from the bush there are always a few photos that jump out at me as I flip through my many many photos. This is one of them. The eyes of this cub speak (to me) of its love for the lioness walking past. The whole pride looked like it was in need of a good meal (there was a large herd of buffalo and several herds of impala nearby.) At this age, the cub still needs the adults in the pride to supply food for its survival.

In Family Constellations we speak of blind love that a child has for its parent. The child will do anything to belong in order to ensure survival in the family.  In the state of this magical love, we take on things belonging to parents or ancestors trusting we will make everything right. 

As an adult, this can come at a cost to us. We no longer need our family for survival yet we often forget these deep promises we made. Family Constellations is a process to help one honour and release this blind love to bring about healing.

As with all Constellation Circles, we will start with a constellation exercise in groups of 2 or 3 exploring this theme of blind love contracts.  

Group Constellations

From there we will move to Group Constellations where participants will have the opportunity to represent in the group constellations.  Who is constellated (the person with the issue) is decided on the day.  It depends on what emerges from the constellation exercises.  There are usually 2 or 3 group constellations.  

Taking part as a representative in a group constellation is a healing experience.  It is not unusual to be selected to represent someone or something that resonates strongly with you and your family system.  

You can read more about Family Constellations here.

The cost of the workshop is R420 which includes tea with delicious snacks.

If you want to prebook a constellation for the day to be certain of being an issue holder the cost is R950.

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26th January 2023
09:30 – 13:30 SAST
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Robyn Fergus
20 Skaife Street, Hout Bay
Cape Town, South Africa