The Impact of Imprints

Morphogenetic fields surround all living things. It’s the intelligence that informs an acorn to grow into an oak tree or your cut finger to heal. There are morphic fields encompassing huge flocks of birds, creating incredible patterns, as they dance in flight around one another, never colliding. And also destructive morphic fields, like the rioting mobs during the lootings last year.

As you scroll through your phone reading the updates of the Ukrainian invasion a deep sadness, hopelessness, fear, anxiety or anger is felt. Triggered by the images in resonance with the trauma you’ve experienced, what your ancestors encountered in previous wars and the morphic fields of this war.

The combination of your unique morphogenetic field and which morphic fields you tap into affects your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. More than ever we need to change the way in which we humans exist in this world.

Rupert Sheldrake speaks of how when a new behaviour is taught to lab rats (he speaks of 1000 rats), it becomes easier for rats to learn this same behaviour in laboratories in other parts of the world. When a new chemical is manufactured, with time the crystals in the chemicals start forming far more quickly than when they first formed.

The Munay Ki Rites are energetic transmissions Рenergetic seeds which are planted into your Luminous Energy Field aka Morphogenetic Field. With intention, meditation and fire you grow these seeds to upgrade your Luminous Energy Field (LEF).

Our LEF holds the blueprint for our physical bodies and our way of being in this world. Experiences from this life, past lives and our ancestors, including how our bodies heal all reside as imprints in the LEF.  Most imprints are useful Рbut there are some caused by trauma and non-serving family patterns that we need to release. These imprints trigger unhelpful or harmful reactions and ensure patterns keep repeating.

In 2006 Alberto Villoldo was asked by the Q’ero Elders in Peru to share the¬†sacred Muay Ki¬†rites with the West. They felt that we needed these upgrades in our LEF’s to deal with the energy shifts occurring.

Embarking on this 16-week journey requires a commitment to meditate daily to grow the seeds of the 9 Munay Ki Rites. The Harmony Rites archetype and chakra meditations cleanse your chakras of psychic sludge and imprints built up over the years from trauma and the learnt ways of perceiving the world. You can read about the gift of each rite here.

The Q’ero Elders knew that receiving the Munay Ki Rites assist you to release the imprints no longer needed, replacing them with new ones so that you can become a homo luminous – a being of light¬† The word munay means love, and ki is energy.

I have been sharing these rites since 2012.  I keep doing so because of the incredible shifts that I witness, as we sit in circle, amongst the participants on this heart-opening journey. This is an invitation to join the next journey starting on 22 and 24 March 2022.

There are other ways of releasing imprints at Inner Peace Healing.  During an Intuitive Energy Healing session, I use a Crystal Surgery protocol to release imprints.  This is usually around a specific theme.  

Family Constellations allow you to release imprints in the form of entanglements in the family system.pysc