This past Thursday I held my first Constellation Circle of 2023 in Hout Bay. What made it even more special was that two of the online Munay Ki Journeyers met each other off-screen for the first time. They have journeyed together twice. My online peer group is planning to meet up – possibly in Finland. I do rather like Zoom for everyone I’ve met over the past 3 years.

What are the Munay Ki Rites?

These rites or energy transmissions are based on the initiation practices of paq’os (also referred to as shamans) of the Andes and the Amazon. Dr Alberto Villoldo was asked by the elders to share these rites with the west.

The word munay means universal love in Quechua and Ki is energy. This love is not the same as the love we speak of in Valentine’s day cards – the ‘falling in love’ which sometimes ends up as the ‘falling out of love’. Munay is the love that knows no bounds.

The Heart-Opening Journey

According to Andean Cosmology, there are 3 Energy Centres of Being – yachay (wisdom) located at the head, munay (love) in the heart space, and llankay (action/power) in the belly. The energetic seeds of the Munay Ki Rites are transmitted and planted in these 3 energy centres.Working with the Munay Ki Rites gives you the tools to step away from fear and endless thoughts. To step into a space of love. The Munay Ki Rites open your heart, awaken your innate wisdom and give you the power to ground and move forward with your life’s purpose.

Grounded Transformation

I share the Munay Ki Rites because of the grounded transformation I’ve witnessed over the years and have continued to observe this in those engaged in the Munay KI Journey. 💚 I’ve experienced it too within myself.

The combination of the Munay Ki Rites and the Harmony Rite archetype meditations steers you into taking ownership of your gifts. Giving you the support you need to step into who you are becoming.

Join the Munay Ki Journey 2023

This online journey is open to those who have received the Munay Ki Rites and to those joining the journey for the first time.  We meet fortnightly for 9 sessions 9.30 am  – 12.00 SAST starting on 14 February.

During each of 9 sessions of this journey, you will  –

  • receive one of the 10 Munay Rites (in session 1 you receive 2 rites)
  • engage in teachings about aspects of shamanism to deepen your journey e.g working with your own energy and the elements, how to create sacred space
  • spend time in circle with like-minded people
  • meditate – each fortnight you work with a new chakra and Harmony Rite archetype to cleanse your chakras of old psychic sludge enabling you to perceive the world in a new way

Outside of the fortnightly 2.5 hours, put aside at least 3 minutes a day (and more if your day allows for it) for daily meditation.

For those doing the journey for the first time, the cost is R2800 or US$200.  Register to join.

Those who are initiated in the Munay Ki Rites may join for R1400 (US$100).  You share the rites with others who are initiated.  A beautiful way to practice and grow the gifts of these rites. Register to join.

Please speak to me if you need to make a number of payments across the duration of the journey, One payment is needed to book your place and the last one is to be done before the last session