Creating Connection and Opening the Heart

On the first day of my first trip to Mana Pools back in 2007 I took this photograph of these 2¬†elephants. We’d stopped to watch a young bull elephant¬†when an older bull¬†appeared. Extending their trunks they ambled towards¬†each other¬†– sensing one another. Entwining their trunks¬†in gentle greeting – in a slow¬†tango¬†of trunks – they moved inwards, then stopped,¬†trunks relaxed downwards, forehead touching forehead. For a few¬†moments surrendering into a tender elephant embrace.¬†

That same heart opening I felt watching these two elephants, I so often feel during Family Constellation work. These giant beings embody that graceful honouring and gentle surrendering to one’s Life that may be witnessed towards the end of a Group Family Constellation. A deep honouring of, and love for, those who came before you.

In 2007 I was in the corporate world and mostly loving it. Then I did not know that Reiki or Family Constellations even existed. That the heart held wisdom was not considered. I could not have imagined a world where my mind was not in charge. I was a problem solver, an imaginer of solutions, a marvellous multitasker. The link to where I am now was my desire for inner peace. 

As I began my journey, leading to the opening of Inner Peace Healing in 2010, I felt like 2 people. The Robyn that my family knew, the one who had graduated with a business degree, and the other Robyn that knew she had to do healing work. I had a great fear of what would happen as I stepped into my calling, wondering if the two parts could ever merge. Constellations facilitated that movement to where I am today Рthe one Robyn. There is no Other (and this could lead to a whole another discussion so will end here:-)

The different healing modalities I’ve studied and experience working with over the past 10 years have created the foundation for my work as a Facilitator of ¬†Family Constellations. The Shamanic Munay Ki Journeys influencing the Group Constellation work (Shamanic Constellation Journey)¬†and the Intuitive Energy Healing the¬†one on one or private Constellations. There will always be a place for Intuitive Energy Healing simply¬†because not every move out of stuckness into flow requires a¬†constellation and for support between constellations.

with love in healing 


PS Mana Pools is in the north of Zimbabwe Рit lies on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe with the Giant Zambezi river dividing the two countries   

For those of you who know Mana Pools you may recognise the young elephant. Its Boswell – the narrow, now long tusks his distinctive feature. He is a gentleman and has aged to become an Elder towards whom the young bulls of Mana gravitate.

May these gentle giants stay safe and protected in the dryness of this season. May the rains come early so that they do not need to leave the safety of Mana Pools to find food.

There is a  separate Family Constellations mailing list Рlet me know if you would like to be added to be informed about Constellation happenings or if you would like to attend a Shamanic Constellation Journey on a weekday evening or during a weekend.