Emerging into the Flow

I’m in awe of the tenacity of these delicate petals that in their tight binding push their way through the rain softens clay earth. ¬†Deep from their slumber, the bulbs awaken. The cold morning temperature and winter’s first soaking rain is their alarm clock. For them there is no ‘sleep button’.

I’ve been facilitating one on one constellations for over a year now. Yet when it came to¬†setting dates for Group Family¬†Constellations workshops¬†I kept¬†hitting the ‘sleep button’.¬†There was part of me¬†saying – do it,¬†set the dates.¬† Another part of me saying – leave it.¬†The ‘leave It’¬†connecting¬†to that part of me that fears putting myself out there.

The ‘do it’ connecting to Knowing that it had to happen – some would call Soul Purpose.¬†Like opening Inner Peace Healing¬†was something that had to happen –¬†so too is facilitating¬†Group Family Constellation workshops. For me it is a non-negotiable. I simply have to do it. Once I set the dates my whole being breathed out. ¬†

Listening to what our Soul¬†wants is not always easy. There’s the trusting of¬†oneself to hear it.¬†Then there is the acting on¬†the message. Sometimes we need a bit of a push, some assistance,¬†to get the¬†motion going. Like push starting a car – its easier with some help.¬†Coming from someone who has gone through the¬†process – its actually far easier once one has acted on the Knowing, than not acting on it.

Be like these happy yellow oxalis flowers. Emerge. Show yourself. Shine.


Shamanic Family Constellation Journey

Emerging from acting on¬†‘Do It’ is¬†the Shamanic Family Constellations Journey. Inviting you to come and join me in this healing journey which runs over 3 Tuesday mornings – 11 June, 2 & 23 July, 10.00 – 1.30/2.00pm. Using Group Family Constellations to facilitate releasing entanglements to find flow in life, acknowledging the gift you’ve received being part of your family and honouring your Ancestors. Woven between the constellating will be healing drum journeys. meditations and receiving the Munay Ki Healer’s Rite. ¬†Read More