Navigating this Change

There’s¬†a well-documented¬†pattern that of behaviour that we all¬†go through when confronted by change.

I used to work on projects. The Change Management team would be tracking those affected by the implemented changes Рensuring the right type of support was there as the users moved through the Change Curve. My sense is that we have moved from fear to the anger and frustration phase. Our government does not have a team of Change Managers standing on the sidelines to coach the nation through this change with care. 

Instead people are arrested for feeding the hungry without a permit. Law enforcement vehicles supported by army caspers barricade the beach to prevent people from walking there. This is what it must have felt like in the townships in the Apartheid years. You want to get on with your day to day living but you can’t because of irrational and draconian laws put in place by people blinded to common sense in their palaces of power. 

Anger is a great agent for change and, on the flip side, for destruction. In early April there was a global

l mass meditation where hundreds of thousands of people meditated and prayed. There was a lightness, a sense of expectancy of a beautiful transformation that this Lockdown could create. This morphic field has been swamped by anger and frustration.  

In the past century, social transformation was triggered by world wars and¬†visionary¬†leaders. The world lacks enough leaders with a moral compass that considers both the environment and its human inhabitants.¬† Their¬†myopic path¬†of greed and turning a blind eye to Nature’s destruction is one doomed for failure for all who inhabitant this planet.

Change is never easy.¬†Wars are even harder and more destructive than what¬†we are experiencing, as humans, in this Lockdown. (And yes perhaps in wartime, those who now have no income, would be able to be out fighting battles and earning a stipend). How do we navigate through this change?¬† So that on the other side of Lockdown we don’t step into the same world that was put on Pause.

I don’t have an answer for that for everyone. This time is not easy. However, I do know what I can do. In Shamanic language we speak of dreaming the world into being. Einstein spoke of energy following thoughts. We create the world in which we live. 

I choose to act from my heart space. I choose to dream a world where we live in balance with Nature. I choose to make a difference for those that need assistance in the short term. And yes it is ok to feel anger at the craziness some of the decisions that impact us. Yet I choose to connect to a sense of stillness within and to allow that to radiate out and connect with others who have chosen a similar path so that some good somehow emerges from this Lockdown.

Feeling gratitude that Mother Earth can breathe.  
Sending love to you as you navigate these times.