There’s something about a new moon that I find far more enchanting than the full moon. I love the darkness of the night, the brightness of the stars.  A reminder that in the cycles of life there is always an ending, then stillness, followed by an emerging of something new.  That from darkness, light emerges.

We live in a paradox of not wanting change, fearing what it may bring, yet at the same time craving newness. Nature is a constant reminder of cycles, from the rising and setting of the sun to the lunar and seasonal cycles. In all of these cycles, there is a quiet relinquishing, a death, so that something new can emerge.

So tonight, in the stillness of the new moon create your own new moon ritual. Allow yourself to let go of something small or bigger if that feels right. Write down what you are releasing then burn the paper. Using clay or natural materials, create a symbol of your wish for your new cycle.  Then plant your creation, the seed of what wants to emerge, into the nurturing darkness of Mother Earth.

Last year repeatedly I found that¬†whenever an intention or plan did not manifest, the unexpected alternative worked out far better. Be open to the flow of what may emerge…

with love

I rarely share workshops that I am not hosting or facilitating. I am sharing these as they both had a profound impact on my life. 

Sacred Andean Tradition Training

Just before Coronavirus hit in 2020 I travelled up to Plett and then to Sedgefield to be initiated in the Sacred Andean Tradition. I’ve always been drawn to the Andean teachings.¬†The Munay Ki Rites were my introduction.¬†Kamaq Wageaq has been coming to South Africa for over 20 years sharing the teachings of the Sacred Andean Tradition.¬†He will be here again in April 2022.

There are workshops in Sedgefield starting on 15 April and in Magaliesberg from 29 April. Read more on the Sacred Andean website.  

Vision Quest with Mbali Marais

At the end of September last year, I joined Mbali for my first vision quest.¬† She will be holding another this year 30 September – 5 October¬†in the Karoo. I’m not sure what I expected from a Vision Quest – I only knew that I had to do it.¬† What I got from it was far more than I ever imagined.¬†

Preparation for the Quest starts long before you arrive with monthly calls with Mabli as she guides you to look deep within.¬† This is why I am sharing about the Vision Quest at the start of the year.¬†Read more¬†on Mbali’s website or email¬†

Both of these experiences opened and prepared¬†me for what was coming next in my life. What else can I say other than – if you feel drawn to one or both of them – then go for it ūüíö