Feeling at home and knowing we belong is something we all long for. It’s not just about having your place in your¬†family, a¬†roof over one’s head, or feeling at home in one’s body, it’s also about acknowledging all the parts of oneself and making them all feel at home. Coming home to Self.

It’s my love of this mountain stream flowing past the¬†garden that has held¬†me in this house since I was 2 years old.¬† As is the case with old houses repairs and upgrades are needed. The longer-than-expected renovations kept me busy last year. (This is why newsletters and workshops hardly happened.)

A couple of months into the renovations, a ladder I was up slipped resulting in a badly sprained right ankle. This was a call to slow down and ground.

When I thought I had got the message I repeated the ankle twisting. This time it was a reminder that I had to stand in my power.  To accept all the parts of me and embrace the part that connects to the Other World.

When eventually the time came to move back home I felt, for the first time, that I was living in my home and no longer living in my childhood home.

Over the years at Inner Peace Healing,¬†I’ve worked with moving the sense of stuckness – so that there is a sense of flow and¬†inner peace in life.¬† Now it feels like Coming Home to Self is calling too.

Hope to see you in 2024.