Revoking Soul Contracts

I have always had a great need to be in control. It took me a long time to figure that out. I needed to keep things together. Avoiding situations where I could loose control of myself or what was happening round me. 

As a child, I could not control what was happening in my family. I could not stop my father moving to Durban. I could not control the sadness I sometimes witnessed in my sister and my mum. But I could control how I was. Deep inside I decided I would always appear to be happy. So happy in fact that I won the Happiness prize in grade 2. I perfected fake it till you make it.

I found the spark in my heart that allowed me to genuinely smile. My mum gave us the gift of finding beauty in things around us. Be it pointing out the refection in a dewdrop. Or the magical stories of faeries that lived down at the river. So there was reason to smile. I was so good at it that I masked out any sadness I felt.

A few years ago someone said to me ‘Robyn I never know what you are really feeling because you are always smiling’. I watched myself and saw the truth in it. Slowly I learnt to smile again only when my heartfelt joy – not because it was something that I thought someone else needed to see.

It was in my family constellation with Sarah Peyton towards the end of the Australian Constellation Intensive that I realised that I had made a contract to hold all the sadness and grief for my family system – for my father, for my grandfather and even further back. In my first constellation 5 years ago in my mind, I wanted to deal with part of this – but I was not ready, my soul was not ready to revoke that contract.

On Wednesday morning these¬†words I‚Äôve written started forming. Later that morning at yoga I drew a card with the message¬†‚ÄúA Blessing to Lift Sadness‚ÄĚ. Such perfect¬†synchronicity. A¬†reminder of how the healing magic continues¬†to ripple outwards across time long after the¬†constellation is closed.

Australasian Constellation Intensive

I’ve come back¬†from¬†6 days at the¬†Australasian Constellation Intensive¬†feeling even more enthused about the power of Family Constellation work. Exposure to the¬†international faculty¬†opened me to new ways of working.¬†It¬†confirmed what I’ve been doing intuitively such as including past lives and¬†working with other modalities in the constellation space.¬†It¬†consolidated what I’ve learnt from my¬†Shamanic Constellations and African Constellations teachers. ¬†

Bringing contracts into the constellation field is something that Sarah Peyton shared in her 2-day workshop. It is one of the healing gems that I’ve brought back with me from the Intensive experience.  

Last year in March I graduated as a Shamanic Constellation Facilitator. I love that Crystal Surgery and one and one Constellations have evolved so beautifully into Crystal Constellations. That picking up my Shamanic drum to retrieve a soul during a constellation weaves in so perfectly.

The photo is of is Tanja Meyburgh (of African Constellations) and myself at the Spirit Circles Ancient Wisdom workshop Рboth smiling from the heart with the joy. Tanja presented 2 workshops Рshe had wonderfully positive and enthusiastic responses to her work.

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Along with Private one on one Crystal Constellations, I continue to do Intuitive Energy Healing sessions Рthere is a place for both at Inner Peace Healing