The Benefits of Eating the Pie

This weekend I was reminded again that there is no right or wrong, no good or bad.  We are so ready to judge ourselves.  On my drive up to Clanwilliam, I stopped to buy some oranges.  I bought naartjies (he oranges looked too yellow) and a pie (because it was there).  And I ate the pie.  I can’t say that I particularly enjoyed the pie Рyet as I ate it I berated myself.  My chest would be tight as my body does not tolerate wheat well.  I’m supposed to be getting in shape for the high altitudes of Peru later this year.

The next morning Jordy dog and I set off for a walk.  At top of the first incline I needed to stop. Yes, my chest was tight.  In that stopping I was drawn to an opening between the fynbos.  So instead of following the jeep track I wove my way between fynbos shrubs to find myself at the base of a cliff of rocks which wrap themselves around the hillside.  I rediscovered rock art that I had long forgotten about.  Dancing figures moving across the plains, an elephant, an antelope in motion Рtheir deep ochre colour standing out on the gentle curve of their rock face canvas.  Climbing our way higher in areas of deep shade the surprise of yellow flowers in a bed of green.  On top of cliff on an expanse of flat rock the unexpected bright pink of flowers of minuscule pebble like succulents.   And a sense of spaciousness and joy that comes with standing high and seeing the immense beauty of nature.

So eating the pie was exactly what I needed to do – or maybe if I listened more carefully I would not have had to subjugate my body to the wrong food. ¬†Which reminds me of the story that was in notes of last week‚Äôs¬†Kundalini Yoga class. It was about a man stranded on the roof his house as the flood waters rose. ¬†Each time someone came to rescue him he turned them away saying ‚ÄúGod will rescue me‚ÄĚ. ¬†The flood waters rose and eventually he washed away to his death. ¬†On arriving in heaven he asked God why he did not save him. ¬†God replied – I sent rescuers but you sent them away. ¬†So maybe that was exactly what I needed to do – eat the pie. ¬†Who knew that it was going to lead me on a¬†different path of discovery. ¬†

Eating that pie was a bit like signing up for Shamanic Constellations.  This was a month after I’d promised myself a period of rest.  August 2016 was for the first time since 2008 I had NO study obligations. I saw the Facebook event and said yes to 18 months of study.  It was exactly what I needed.  Its been an incredible journey of healing.  Until discovering Family Constellations my healing work had been about what one can be do on a personal level.  Yet some of what prevents that free flow in life, that sense of inner peace relates to entanglements we carry for our family. 

At healing sessions at Inner Peace Healing I draw on the modalities that are needed for healing Рbe it Crystal Surgery, Transformational Kinesiology, Past Lives.   Aspects of constellation work have been creeping into the healing sessions.  Now as as qualified facilitator I will be doing offering Shamanic Family Constellations.  You may know you need a Family Constellation or it may emerge as part of your healing session.