According to the Dagara cosmology of West Africa, this is a Nature Year.¬† Nature is a teacher of transformation, of stepping into your authentic self, of truth. As a Nature person (born in a Nature year) I’ve found my niche working as a facilitator and healer – witnessing¬†transformation.

Last year, when not in Hout Bay, I spent time¬†grounding myself in my new garden beside Clanwilliam dam. I’ve watched the trees, transplanted from the¬†old garden (expropriated because of the new dam level) take root and grow. When the landscaper first suggested transplanting I was hesitant. Then I decided I would¬†divine on what the trees wanted.

I was told in the Stick Divination that each tree would tell me if it wanted to move or not. The trees that said yes wanted a specific ritual to be performed before their move, and to be replanted in the same direction.

Twenty-two¬†of the wild olive trees, that I’d planted in the early 2000’s, were transplanted. I did not realise that as many would be moved so at the last minute I had to select another 3 trees.¬† Those 3 and one other did not survive the move.¬† Makes me appreciate the magic at work.

There is Constellation Circle and the Munay Ki Journey happening this month. In February a Constellation Journey is especially for facilitators and healers exploring the Orders of Helping Рso essential when you wish to embody the Art of Helping. 

May you be the change you wish to see in 2023

Young lion cub looking lovingly at its mother

Family Constellations

The look of love in the eyes of this cub for the lioness is the inspiration for the Constellation Circle РBlind Spots on 26 January in Hout Bay 9.30 Р1.30.

As a child what promises did you make, in blind love and in magical thinking, to your parents and ancestors in order to survive and to belong in your family? As adults we don’t need those contracts to survive yet we still hold onto them despite the cost to ourselves.

Family constellations help one identify and release these old promises and contracts.  
Cost R420. Read more & book.

Munay Ki Journey of Transformation

Munay Ki Rites

Let the magic of the Nature year weave transformation in to your life with the Munay Ki Journey of Transformation. 
I keep sharing these rites because of the blossoming that I see in those fully immersing themselves into the journey. 

Embark on this journey. Receive the 10 Munay Ki Rites. As you grow the seeds you release old ways of being, meeting your authentic self as you deepen your connection with Spirit.

We meet in circle online fortnightly for 9 sessions starting 31 Jan. R2800 or US$200.  Munay Ki Rites initiates . R1400 or US$100.  Read more & book


The Art of Helping - Constellation Journey

Family Constellations

Bert Hellinger said that there is an art to helping when working with clients. The Order of Helping apply to those working in the Helping Professions.

In this series of 3 workshops, we explore these Orders of Helping and how they relate to you and your clients.  Ensuring that as Helpers you are aware of your blind spots and have the right foundation to practice the art of helping

Constellation Journey РThe Art of Helping is on 7 & 21 February and 7 March from 9.30 Р1.30 in Hout Bay. Open to Helpers familiar with systemic constellation work. R1200
Read more & book


“Divination clarifies the meaning of the Soul’s quest and sheds light to the obstacles to overcome on the way to successful living. In other words, divination does not just tell you what is going on in your life; it tells you what you need to do in order to flow into your gifts and fulfil your purpose.”¬†Malidoma Patrice Som√©

I have not yet found the words to describe Stick Divinations so sharing these words. I find the work profound. 

If this speaks to you, please contact me to book an appointment for a Stick Divination.  I work online and in person. By donation.

I continue to offer Intuitive Energy Healing and one-on-one Family Constellations sessions from my healing space in Hout Bay

The gift of Covid was the shift to online work – and knowing that working this way is just as powerful as in person.
While in Clanwilliam I facilitate online one-on-one constellations.

I offer online distant Energy Healing only from Hout Bay as my large collection of crystal allies is so much part of my energy healing work.  

I will be adjusting my rates effective 1 March 2023.
These are my current  rates