Family Constellations: A controversial and bold ‘development’ in therapeutic practices

I was interviewed by Catherine del Monte, a journalist from the Daily Maverick, on Family Constellations.  I was one of the many facilitators she interviewed for this piece.  It challenged me to put into words what family constellations are all about.

I stepped into my first constellation at the start of 2015 without having any clear idea what a family constellation was – I just knew that I needed to experience it.  Many facilitators suggest that you first attend a constellation workshop as a represent, then come for your own constellation. I dived in deep and had a constellation.

Later in the year, I had my second constellation – an impromptu one during a cleansing retreat. Up until then, all the healing modalities I’d worked with to clear my asthma, focused on me. The stories and beliefs that I carried in my body and how they affected me.  The constellation revealed where I was entangled, in the constellation language, in my family system.  It brought about immediate relief.

And that is when I knew that I had to learn more about constellations. In 2016 I enrolled in my first constellation training. Since graduating as a facilitator I have continued studying family and systemic constellations, and the various styles of constellations.

Here is the link to read the article