Munay Ki Metamorphosis

There’s a sense of excitement welling up within me.¬†It’s the feeling I get when something that has been going on for a while¬†is coming to completion. That¬†sense of expectation¬†that¬†something new is emerging.

We are all made up of multiple parts. In Family Constellations we refer to them as Inner Parts. Karl Jung and Caroline Myss speak of Archetypes. These inner parts heal and change their relationship to one another as we undergo our own healing metamorphosis.

I have an inner part that I will call “Does Not Feel Good Enough”.¬† I used to want to call it ¬†“The Eternal Student” but it’s not that. It is the part of me that’s compelled¬†me to keep¬†studying since opening my healing practice.¬†The part that drove me to qualify not once, but 3 times¬†as a Family Constellation facilitator.¬†Then the realisation dawned¬†as I emerged out of the mush of my chrysalis –¬†my¬†inner part “The Healer”, who carries innate wisdom, deserves to be seen and recognised by me.¬†She is my gift. I see her now. That¬†is¬†enough.

In his¬†book¬†¬†“The Healing Power of Africa:¬†Finding Life Purpose Through Nature, Ritual, and Community¬†” Malidoma Patrice Som√© shares¬†how, in the Dagara tradition, there is a special ritual before a child is born to ask its life¬†purpose and intention. They ask what gifts does this person bring that our community needs?¬†The child is gently nudged in this direction as they grow up so there is no confusion as to their life’s purpose. In the west, there is a deep longing to know one’s purpose.¬†To know we are on the right path.

Embarking on the¬†Munay Ki Journey¬†helps you reflect on what it is that you are called to do.¬†And then to co-create that¬†dream into your reality.¬†I’ve witnessed this metamorphosis on this journey so many times – which I why I love sharing these shamanic rites and keep offering the Munay Ki Journey.

Where are you on your metamorphic journey?  Would you like some support in your new emerging? You are welcome to join the next Constellation Circle or Munay Ki Journey or come for a healing session.