Online Family Constellations & Distant Energy Healing

I offer online Family Constellations and  Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions at Inner Peace Healing.

When you come for a healing session or workshop there is the travel time between leaving and arriving back at home or work. Please give yourself at least 10 minutes to assimilate the work you did during the On-Line session before going back into your home again.

One on One Family Constellations & Distant Energy Healing

In preparation –

  • Set up Zoom or on a smartphone, tablet or computer. For Distant Energy Healing WhatsApp is fine.
  • A quiet room where you will not be disturbed
  • Make sure that your other applications on your device are closed
  • Put phone onto silent
  • Have a blanket handy to keep you warm
  • Water and Tissues (just in case)
  • For Energy Healing you may want to have a bed or couch that you can relax on during the session 
  • For Family Constellations a comfortable chair that you can relax in with your back supported

I know that many of my clients have crystals.  If you do – bring them into the room with you. They may be useful to hold during the session.  This is not essential to have – its a nice to have.

On-Line Group Constellation Workshop

I will be facilitating an Online Group Constellation workshop on 12 May.  Offering an introduction of R400 to be constellated and R150 to represent.

I have been participating in weekly Peer Groups doing constellations on Zoom.  It has been wonderful to watch how we are all still so connected despite the great distance between each other. (There are facilitators from literally around the world on the calls). I have represented and been constellated – so know from experience that this new way of doing group constellations works.  Please join to experience another way of constellating. Tuesday 12 May: 9.30 – 12.30.

What you need for the On-Line Group Constellation

  • A quiet room where you will not be disturbed. Background noise will make it difficult for the other participants to hear one another
  • We will be using Zoom Video so that we can see each other. You will need to laptop or computer so that you can see all participants in Gallery view on Zoom. (On Notepad or phone can not see enough participants)
  • Please turn off background Apps and make sure your phone is on silent
  • Set yourself up so that you have front lighting. Background lighting means that we only see your silhouette
  • When you represent you will be standing up
    • Check that you can move your camera easily when you move from sitting to standing. 
    • Allow yourself to have some space around you in case you feel the need to move as a representative
  • Zoom Settings
    • We will be working with Gallery view so that we can all see each other
    • Video Settings – select Mirror my View (Click on up arrow next to video icon to find Video Settings)