Family Constellations

Family & Systemic Constellations

Why come for a Family Constellation?

Sometimes despite all the healing we do on ourselves we are not able to shift an issue. The source of the issue could lie within the family system or be linked to transgenerational trauma. 

We all have the need to belong and to be part of the system (even if it does not feel like it). To keep the balance within the family system we take on things that are not ours to own –  unconsciously and from a place of love, entanglements are created which result in repeated behavioural patterns, addictions, illnesses or taking on debt or responsibilities of family members and ancestors. Family Constellations is the process that is used to move beyond these entanglements and back into the flow of one’s life.

Family constellations can be used for healing many different issues – from physical illnesses to mental, emotional and spiritual problems.  The entanglement is revealed during the constellation.  The acknowledgement of it, with healing sentences, lovingly releases it and the movement of healing is set in motion.  In some cases, supportive therapy or energy healing is needed to assist you on the journey of healing.  There has to be a  willingness in the client seeking the constellation to make the required changes in their life and to let go of the systemic entanglements.

What are Family Constellations?

Family Constellations (also referred to as Systemic Constellations) were developed by Bert Hellinger in the 1990s. It began as group work working with a group of people who are not related – referred to as a Group Family Constellations workshop.  A person in the group is ‘constellated ’ and the other people in the group step in as ‘representatives’.  You do not need any experience to attend – just an open heart, a desire for healing, and a willingness to trust and to allow yourself to sink into the magic of constellation work. 

Inner Parts Constellations look at aspects of oneself – the inner parts e.g.the Inner Child, that may be entangled preventing forward movement in Life.  They explore and reunite aspects of oneself needed to bring about healing.

The role of the facilitator is to work with the Knowing Field to reveal and release the unknown/unconscious entanglements which have prevented the client (also called the seeker) from moving forward in life.  Underpinning the constellations are the “Orders of Love”.

The Family Constellation Process

The process starts with a discussion between the facilitator and the client to get an outline of the issue requiring healing and information on the client’s family. People from the group are selected to represent family members for the client.  These representatives are placed by the client or find their own place within the circle.  As they do so they step into “The Field”, also known as the “Knowing Field”.

It is in this “Knowing Field” that the magic unfolds as the representatives tap into the feelings of the person that they are representing and how they relate to the other representatives in the field.  In this process, the client can acknowledge what is. And then it allows the movement towards healing for the client. I say ‘movement towards healing’ as there are many factors influencing how long it takes for the effect of the Constellation to be felt.  I have experienced immediate relief and at other times a month or longer realise that the issue is no longer there and that circumstances have changed. What can say for certain is that personally, I have experienced beautiful and deep healing from Constellation work. 

Constellations offered at Inner Peace Healing

When a group is not present there is the option of a private one on one constellation. During one on one constellations, I use doll people to represent the client and family members. I incorporate Crystal Surgery and Energy Healing to support the healing process.

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