Intuitive Energy Healing

Intuitive Energy Healing

Why come for an Intuitive Energy Healing session?

Just like reflections in water – so your energy body and energy field reveals what is happening in you at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.  Even though Energy Healing happens at the unseen energetic level, it impacts you on all of these levels.

The need for the healing could be physical – an illness, discomfort in the body or recurring injuries. As a result of trauma, some illnesses and cancer treatments the chakras, energy body and energy field need support and recalibrating.

The healing could be at an emotional or mental level relating to relationships or your career and more.  Perhaps you may know of where you are feeling stuck – a pattern that keeps repeating itself, a block beyond which you cannot move.

Or simply as a result of everyday living, you feel that something is out of balance at an energetic level.  This is when your chakra system needs a retuning and the energy field need a cleanse, detoxing and rebalancing. 

What happens in the Intuitive Energy Healing treatment?

Crystal used in Intuitive Energy Healing's Crystal SurgeryThe session starts a conversation to understand (without too much detail)  the issue that needs healing. This is followed with a Crystal Surgery protocol to open up the energy field (aura), chakras and energy body. During this process, Robyn ‘reads’ what is happening at an energetic level giving direction for the rest of the session.

I will tap into disturbances, blockages or feelings of dis-ease in the energy body and energy field that create these imbalances. They are cleared and in their place, we focus on how you want to see your life.  The intention is that you leave the session feeling lighter and more at peace and energised to embrace life. 

Over the years I’ve studied many different healing modalities. (If interested you can read more about my background here) . About 8 years ago I started combining modalities in one session – meeting the healing needs of the client. Then 7 years ago I found working with Crystal Surgery protocols significantly reduced the number of sessions for moving a ‘sense of stuckness’.  

Each session is unique – depending on what is needed for your healing.  Crystal Surgery forms part of every healing session. I call on other modalities as needed.  My systemic training as a Family Constellations facilitator also influences the session.  

Here are some of the modalities used in an Intuitive Energy Healing session –

Crystal Surgery & Crystal Healing

Transformational Kinesiology

Past Life Regression

Soul Retrieval


Pranic Healing


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