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In her book, “An Encyclopedia of Shamanism,” author Christina Pratt says a shaman by definition is a person who has mastered three specific things: altered states of consciousness, acting as a medium between the needs of the spirit world and those of the physical world in a way that’s useful to the community, and the ability to meet the needs of the community in ways that other practitioners (like doctors, psychiatrists and religious leaders) can’t. In some cultures that may mean a shaman dispenses wisdom or leads ceremonies in areas including meditation and energy work, but again, the specifics of the practices will vary according to the culture.

My journey in becoming a Shamanic Practitioner began with Drum Journeys.  Journeying to lower, middle and upper.  In the process of meeting my power animal and guilds worlds,  I knew there existed a place beyond the physical that could be accessed.  With this, I learnt how to retrieve souls, how to be a psychopomp (assist departed souls to cross over), how to read energy, how sound can shift energy and the importance of ritual.

Yet all the time my attention was drawn to South American Shamanism – to the practices of the Q’ero people of Peru.  My first contact was through the Munay Ki Rites, which I have been sharing for the past 10 years.  These rites were introduced to the west by Alberto Villoldo.   I felt the call to delve into an un-westernised version of the cosmology of Peru.  So studied various teachers and am initiated into the Sacred Andean Tradition.  I love their deep respect for Nature and the elements.  Yet the connection that I felt towards my ancestors and a deeper way of connecting to them could not be met through this teaching.

I was fortunate enough to find myself in the flow of training to become a Stick Divner – though I have to admit that I did not know that until it came time for my merge (as the initiation is called in that tradition). With the Dagara teaching of West Africa, I find that deep connection and honouring to the ancestors.  The stepping into Other World – that I now realised that I only dipped my toe into in Drum Journeys – is what I am called to do.  Stick Divination are a way to access the information that needs to be shared with the client from their ancestors, the elements and the spirits of Nature.

All of what I have learnt finds its way into my healing work – be it in the Intuitive Energy healing session or Constellation work.

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