The Orders of Love

Family and Systemic Constellations is built on the foundation of the “Orders of Love’. The System does all it can – from a space of love – to keep these Orders of Love in place. This could be a family system, a system in Nature or even a corporate system. We become entangled when we ignore the Orders of Love. We may unconsciously lovingly carry the burden of an ancestor, a parent or a sibling.

We all have a place – Belonging

This order reminds us that every person in a family has a right to belong – those that lived and those that have died. When someone is excluded from a family the consequences of that exclusion may be felt by someone in a later generation. 

In Nature Constellations too we all have a place. As we are reminded in the words used to create sacred space – we welcome the plant people, the stone people, the two-legged, the four-legged, the creepy crawlers, the finned, the furred and the winged ones. All of our relations.

Acknowledging who came first – Hierarchy

Hierarchy in Constellations is not used in the way it is in the corporate world i.e who is in charge and who is the sub-ordinate. Its a time hierarchy acknowledging who came first. Our grandparents came first, then our parents.

Those that came before us are bigger than us.  Those that come after us are smaller than us. 

Balance in Giving and Taking

There has to be balance between giving and taking. We need to be able to give and we need to be able to receive. Parents give and children receive.

When there is a debt (an imbalance in giving and taking) from a previous generation, an entanglement can occur in the current generation to repay this debt.

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