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For the time being all workshops are online using Zoom

Group Constellation Workshop – Heart Connections

8 July 2020 at 4.00 – 7.00pm

One of the Orders of Love that under pins Family and Systemic Constellations is the “Belonging”. We all have a deep need to belong – to be part of the family. When someone is not allowed to belong within a family – the family system goes out of balance.

Another Order of Love is hierarchy – that everyone in the family has their right place in the family.

The focus of this on group constellations with an exercise to explore connections. Does your heart feel safe to make connections. We will see in the group on the day who is called to constellate. My experience is that its as healing to be a representative, or a witness as it is to be the issue holder who has the constellation.

Cost: R250 or US$16 on PayPal

This workshop will be held on Zoom using audio and video. It is best to join using a laptop or computer so that the other participants are visible to you.

Munay Ki Journey – Starting 9 June 2020

This will be the first sharing of the Munay Ki Rites on line. After attending and hosting online events over the past few weeks I am know that the experience of those of you joining this online journey will be as profound as those who have sat beside the river on this journey.

My experience of the Munay Ki Rites is of spiritual awakening and a deepening of connection to Source. The Rites, together with the Harmony Rite meditations, take one on a journey of cleansing, self exploration as to how one perceives the world, invoking change where required and opening the pathway of empowerment to know that one can change the manner is which one experiences life.

The rites are energetic seeds that are planted at spirit level in your luminous energy field (aura). The seeds grow by connecting with fire (a candle flame will do) and meditating on the ‘seeds’ planted in the luminous energy field during the gifting of the rite.

At Inner Peace Healing the Munay Ki Rites are shared over time instead of in a weekend workshop. This give you time to germinate the seed of each rite and to absorb the unique gift that each rite offers.

During the Munay Ki Rites Journey you will learn about creating Sacred Space and the Four Directions, the Luminous Energy Field, creating an alter,the four Elements and other topics relating to shamanism.

Sessions on Tuesday mornings 9.45 for 10.00 start. They will be 2 to 2.5 hours depending on the rite shared and feedback from the group. The first session is longer as two rites are shared.

The Journey will start on 8 June 2020 for 8 sessions meeting every fortnight. Dates are 9 June, 23 June, 7 July, 21 July, 4 August, 18 August, 1 September, 15 September 2020. Please attend all 8 sessions.*

If you miss a session we will make a plan for you to receive the relevant rite during that week. You’ll be sent a recording of the topic on Shamanism and of the Archetype Meditation.

Cost R2500 (Payment plans are available – please speak to Robyn). For those outside of South Africa it is US$180 payable on PayPal.

Read more about the Munay Ki Rites

*If you are unable to attend the mornings sessions – I will be recording the meditations, explanation of the rites and shamanic teachings. Will set up a separate time for you to receive the rite and to talk should you have any questions.

On Line Group Constellation Workshop – Change Within (26 May 2020)

Working online we experience the magic of the morphic field. Although we are in different places around the world we are all still connected.

Over the past weeks the words “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you” keep replaying. So I started reading about the ho’oponopono – the source of these words. I came across an article with the quote –

“If you want to change what’s going on around you, change whats going on within you”. Billy Cox

That too has stuck with me. Ghandi reminds us to “Be the change you want to see”

In this workshop we ask – Can I make the changes I need within to bring the change around me? What part does fear play in this? Am I entangled with my ancestors which making change within hard to do?

We will start with constellation exercises then see who has an issue that they would like to constellate.

When: Tuesday 26 May 10.00 – 1.00/1.30. We will have some off screen time.

What you need: Zoom with video on a laptop or computer so that you can see all the participants. A quiet space where you can stand and move for when you represent in a constellation or exercise.

Cost: For this workshop using the “Pay from the Heart” concept knowing that not everyone has their normal income flowing in. Please choose the payment option that feels right for you in this time. Base R200, Preferred R350, Generous R600.

To book: Email Robyn at or Reserve a Space on the Facebook event

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