Group Constellation Workshop

Group Family Constellation Workshops

A Group Family Constellation workshop gives you the opportunity to see the magic of Family Constellations unfold. To experience how we are all connected as one stands in the Knowing Field – also know as the Morphic Field.

In a Group Constellation Workshop, a group of people (who do not need to know each other) gather together with a facilitator. You come to the workshop to be Constellated (sometimes called the Seeker) or to Represent.

The person who is being constellated comes with an aspect of their lives that needs healing. The Representatives stand in for the family members of the person being constellated. The representatives do not need to know the people the represents – the less they know the better. (Your family members do not attend the workshop.)

Often it happens that you may end up representing a role that you relate to or is relevant in your family or life. Simply sitting in circle holding space and witnessing the constellation unfold is healing.

Family Constellations Styles

Over the years various styles of Family Constellations have developed. Bert Hellinger’s early work was more controlled where the representatives were told where to stand and what to say. In the earlier style Classical Constellations – after the initial set up by the client (the client shows the representatives where to stand), the representatives can only move when instructed by the facilitator (to a place of their choosing or where the facilitator suggests). The facilitator asks the reps what they are feeling and gives them healing sentences to speak out loud.

Movement of Soul Constellations is a style which allows for more freedom of movement for the representatives. They can move slowly to where they are pulled in the field. Guided by the facilitator, the representatives can speak more freely about what is arising for them. Here we work with what is being experienced at Soul level.

Movement of Spirit or new constellations is a far more silent process. Instead of the representatives speaking the healing sentences the client, the one being constellated, speaks them. The representatives move as they feel shifts in the field.

Irrespective of the style of facilitation – the one being constellated – is of utmost importance. Care is taken that the client is not re-traumatised should sensitive events unfold. So too is care taken of Representatives.

To deeply understand Family Constellations Robyn has qualified as a Facilitator with 3 different trainers who each worked in one of the styles. She has also attended Constellation Intensives to keep up to date and the deepen her experience in facilitating. Depending on what is presented for the constellation she chooses the style that will be followed.

Robyn also offers one on one Family Constellations and the Shamanic Constellation Journey

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