Shamanic Constellation Journey

Shamanic Constellation Journey

This is a series of 3 workshop – a healing journey of releasing entanglements to find flow in your life, of finding your place in your family, and of acknowledging the gifts you’ve received being part of your family and honouring your ancestors. 

In each session, we will hold Group Family Constellations where you will have an opportunity to represent and if you are drawn – to be constellated. There is healing in both representing and being constellated.  

Woven between the Family Constellations will be Healing Drum Journeys, Meditations and Constellation Exercises. 

As we sit in circle over time a deeper trust is built so that it feels safe to explore what has been hidden and to slowly release the entanglements.  

Each Journey has a different theme.  We examine that theme during the meditations and constellation exercises.

Its a healing journey drawing on Shamanic Constellations, African Constellations and Quantum (New) Constellations and my work as a Shamanic Practitioner.

The Shamanic Constellation Journey consists of 3 workshops – meeting every 3 weeks.  See Facebook Events for the next date

Cost: R1400 for all 3 sessions. 

Robyn also offers one on one Family Constellations and Group Family Constellation Workshops

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