Welcome to Inner Peace Healing

Are you experiencing a sense of stuckness that you can’t shift? A repeating pattern or stuckness in your relationships, your sense of self, a blockage in your creativity or career? 

Perhaps your feelings are overwhelming. Is it a sadness arising within you? Or extra anxiety, more anger or stress than usual?

Is your body speaking to you? Deep inside we know when dis-ease or illness, a sore back or stiff shoulders are more than simply physical.

Allow yourself to listen. These manifestations are communicating that there is a need for healing to bring flow back into your life.

That you have found your way here suggests that you are on a journey of self-healing.  That you are ready to drop long-held beliefs, stories and traumas from this lifetime and past lives, as well as what you are carrying for your family.

At Inner Peace Healing, Robyn Fergus supports and facilitates your healing process with Intuitive Energy Healing, Family and Systemic Constellations and Workshops allowing flow and a sense of inner peace to return back into your life.


Healing is a journey. 

It calls for your surrendering,

Allowing your free falling into vulnerablity

Its a journey of seeing, acknowledging and releasing with love

Its a journey of connecting to your heart and soul’s desires,

Of reawakening your connection Nature

Grounding in stillness, finding flow

Relaxing into inner peace


Releasing, rebalancing and restoring flow and inner peace to mind, body and soul

Family Constellations

Family and Systemic Constellations allow you to release entanglements within the family system so that flow returns to your life.
Robyn offers individual and group Family Constellations. Supervision is offered for Constellation and Systemic Facilitators.

Intuitive Energy Healing

Each session is unique depending on what is needed for your healing to move forwards in life and for a sense of inner peace.
The session is an intuitive combination of modalities that Robyn has studied – Crystal Surgery, Reiki, Transformational Kinesiology, Past Lives, Shamanic Soul Retrieval and more.

Workshops & Events

Workshops take the form of a Journey, a series of sessions spread over time, giving the shifts experienced in Group Family Constellations or Shamanic Munay Ki Rites to fully integrate.
One day or half day events are offered as well.
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Workshops & Events
Offered online and in Hout Bay (Cape Town)

Family Constellation Group Workshops

Join a Constellation Circle or Constellation Journey to experience the healing power of Family Constellations

Family Constellations with Robyn Fergus at Inner Peace Healing

Shamanic Munay Ki Journey

Receive the 9 Munay Ki Rites & Rite of the Womb during a 3-month journey of transformation

Jaguar on the banks of the Manu River in Peru

Meditation Down at the River

Come and join a meditation, sitting in circle in stillness beside the Baviaanskloof mountain stream

Frog in river at Inner Peace Healing