Welcome to Inner Peace Healing

Just as nature creates reflections in still water – so our energy body is reflected in our physical being. What is happening in your energy body and energy field reveals itself in the physical body and your well being. 

Deep inside we know when a sore back or stiff shoulders are more than just physical. You may feel added anxiety, stress or more intense anger than usual. When there is a sense stuckness that you can’t shift, or sadness arising in you – allow yourself to listen.  These manifestations are communicating that there is a need for healing, and perhaps its a calling for change.

That you have found your way here suggests that you are ready to drop long-held (and often unconscious) beliefs, stories and traumas from this lifetime and past lives.  To let go of entanglements that you carry for your family and ancestors. To bring a new way of being into your life.

At Inner Peace Healing, Robyn supports and facilitates your healing process with Intuitive Energy Healing and Family Constellations so that you can move forwards with a sense of inner peace. One on one sessions are offered as well as workshops – Group Constellation workshops, Shamanic Constellation and Munay Ki Journeys. Meditations Down at the River and Kundalini Yoga are part of the support and healing journey offered at Inner Peace Healing.

“Healing does not mean that the damage never existed, it means that it no longer controls one’s life.”

During these unusual times all healing sessions, constellations and group workshops are online.

Offerings at Inner Peace Healing

Family Constellations

Family Constellations allows you to release entanglements within the family system so that flow returns to your life.
One on One Constellations are offered as well as Group Family Constellations – as a Shamanic Constellation Journey or as a Group Family Constellation Workshop.

Intuitive Energy Healing

For when you feel out of balance or stuck. Or for a physical dis-ease or illness that requires support and healing. Each session is unique depending on what is healing is needed for you to move forward in life and find a sense of inner peace.
The sessions is an intuitive combination of Crystal Surgery, Reiki, Transformational Kinesiology, Past Lives, Shamanic Soul Retrieval and whatever else is needed.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is known as the yoga of awareness. We work with various mantras,breathe and asanas (postures) to support your wellbeing at a physical, mental and spiritual level.
To support your healing journey it is important to have a daily practice that maintains your sense of inner peace and flow in life. (Classes cancelled while social distancing is needed)

Workshops in 2020
Currently all workshops are offered Online
Canoe paddling down river with 3 people in it

Group Constellation Workshops

Nature Constellation on 30 Sept &  Constellation Circle is on 23 Oct 2020.

A workshop of Group Family Constellations.  Book to be Constellated (bringing an issue) or to Represent.  Depending on time constraints there may or may not be constellation exercise and/or a Shamanic Healing Drum Journey. Read more…

Dirt road in mana pools. Photo taken into the sun

Shamanic Constellation Journey

The next Shamanic Constellation Journey will start Oct 2020.

A journey of 3 workshops consisting of Group Constellations, systemic exercises, meditation and healing drum journeys. As you sit in circle, explore the journey’s theme, trust and support are built within the group – allowing deep healing to take place enabling you to move forward in life with more ease. Read More…

Shamanic Munay Ki Journey

The Munay Ki Journey started online on 9 June 2020.

A journey to clear out old patterns and create a new way of experiencing life as you receive the 9 Shamanic Munay Ki Rites. The Munay Ki Rites are planted as seeds in your energy field, which you grow by meditating, to allow you to better deal with the energetic shifts taking place, deepening consciousness and connection to Spirit. Held over 8 sessions.  Read More…

Ferns and plants growing beside the Baviaans River at Inner Peace Healing

Meditation Down at the River

Meditations will resume after Lockdown when the flow of water has quietened.

Finding meditative stillness beside the Baviaans mountain stream at Inner Peace Healing. Creating a connection to Nature. Afterwards connecting in conversation with others as we sit in circle to have tea. Read More…

Non Statutory Health Practitioner

Sessions at Inner Peace Healing are not intended to replace conventional medicine and therapy. They compliment and support the healing process. Energy Healers facilitate the healing process, acting as a conduit for healing energy. Identifying what needs to be released, cleared and cleansed.  Then assisting in the process of  rebuilding, energising and restoring the client’s energy body and field. When the client is ready and open (and its for their highest good) they receive the healing energy.

The journey of healing comes from within each one of us - as one surrenders and opens the heart.