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Food prints in the soft silt mud on the dry Clanwilliam Dam

Savouring Softness

Savouring Softness Walking down to the dam – which is not a dam at the moment – I feel the softness of the earth beneath my bare feet.  The wet ground gives way as each foot connects with the once hardened earth.  It is an unhurried walk – I’m savouring the soft sinking as Nimrod cat explores.  Cats walk with far more care and caution than dogs.  He too, as Rupert dog did, sniffs selected blades of grass and bushes…

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Coiled house snake

The Power of Fire

The Power of Fire Early last Saturday morning walking on the beach I looked over towards Constantia Neck to witness plumes of black and grey smoke avalanching into the sky above Imizamo Yetho.  The morning unfolded with apocalyptic sights in IY – the fire, the fear, the destruction.  In the darkness of Sunday morning I woke dreaming of fire only to look out across the valley to see the wild orange of the Karbonkelberg mountain ablaze.  The power of fire…

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The Flow of Gratitude

The Flow of Gratitude I love my river – the mountain stream that runs beside the garden.  I love the stillness that envelops as one follows the path down to the river.  I love that the sound of the water transports one into another world.  Its a place of enchantment – where I learnt about magic.   I love its ever-changing nature – from a gentle flow to white water wildness.  How torrential rains alter its shape.  I love the iciness…

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