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Stories that Bind Us

In Nature’s annual cycle, this is the time that¬†trees let go of their old leaves. They¬†expose their bare branches,¬†moving into a space of stillness as they ready themselves for the newness to emerge. In our¬†garden,¬†there is a plane and an oak tree.¬†The plane tree has lost most of its leaves. The oak tree is still clinging onto its leaves –¬†aided by honeydew produced by aphids that call the oak tree home.¬† The honeydew¬†glues¬†the leaves to the branches making the letting…

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Speaking the Unspoken

‚ÄúChildren should be seen but not heard‚ÄĚ was a favourite saying of my grandfather. At school, we learnt to ‚Äúonly speak when spoken to‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúnot to speak out of turn‚ÄĚ. To keep the family safe we knew¬†to keep certain¬†things under wraps. Doing so ensured that, as children, we had¬†a place in our family. According to Bert Hellinger (developer of Family Constellations), each family system has its own¬†consciousness called the Collective Conscience. It governs what is acceptable and not acceptable…

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Reflections on coming home at Inner Peace Healing

Reflections on Coming Home

Feeling at home and knowing we belong is something we all long for. It’s not just about having your place in your¬†family, a¬†roof over one’s head, or feeling at home in one’s body, it’s also about acknowledging all the parts of oneself and making them all feel at home. Coming home to Self. It’s my love of this mountain stream flowing past the¬†garden that has held¬†me in this house since I was 2 years old.¬† As is the case with…

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The Endless Cycle of Life and Death

The last 2 memorable conversations I had with my father were about life and death. He told me of his near-death experiences (he had 5 of them). How he’d been down the tunnel of death and had chosen to come back again.¬† Death held no fear for him. The other conversation (easily guessed if you knew my father) was about when we were going to get back to Mana Pools. Covid had just kicked in and he was feeling somewhat…

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Munay Ki Heart at Inner peace Healing with Robyn Fergus

Connecting to the Heart

This past Thursday I held my first Constellation Circle of 2023 in Hout Bay. What made it even more special was that two of the online Munay Ki Journeyers met each other off-screen for the first time. They have journeyed together twice. My online peer group is planning to meet up – possibly in Finland. I do rather like Zoom for everyone I’ve met over the past 3 years. What are the Munay Ki Rites? These rites or energy transmissions…

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Young lion cub looking lovingly at its mother

Welcoming the year of Nature

According to the Dagara cosmology of West Africa, this is a Nature Year.¬† Nature is a teacher of transformation, of stepping into your authentic self, of truth. As a Nature person (born in a Nature year) I’ve found my niche working as a facilitator and healer – witnessing¬†transformation. Last year, when not in Hout Bay, I spent time¬†grounding myself in my new garden beside Clanwilliam dam. I’ve watched the trees, transplanted from the¬†old garden (expropriated because of the new dam…

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Heart in moss on a tree at Inner Peace healing

The Impact of Imprints

The Impact of Imprints Morphogenetic fields surround all living things. It’s the intelligence that informs an acorn to grow into an oak tree or your cut finger to heal. There are morphic fields encompassing huge flocks of birds, creating incredible patterns, as they dance in flight around one another, never colliding. And also destructive morphic fields, like the rioting mobs during the lootings last year. As you scroll through your phone reading the updates of the Ukrainian invasion a deep…

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Munay Ki Metamorphosis at Inner Peace Healing with Robyn Fergus

Munay Ki Metamorphosis

Munay Ki Metamorphosis There’s a sense of excitement welling up within me.¬†It’s the feeling I get when something that has been going on for a while¬†is coming to completion. That¬†sense of expectation¬†that¬†something new is emerging. We are all made up of multiple parts.¬†In¬†Family Constellations¬†we refer to them as Inner Parts.¬†Karl Jung and Caroline Myss speak¬†of Archetypes.¬†These inner parts heal and¬†change their relationship to one another as we undergo our own healing metamorphosis. I have an inner part that I will…

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Apple Bake Tartlets

The Anchorage Apple Bake Recipe

Apple Bake Recipe One of my favourite parts of hosting workshops is baking tea treats and cooking meals for lunch. The day before my first Zoom workshop I found myself filling my trolley with baling ingredients – till the penny dropped… For years people have been asking me for recipes. I don’t typically follow a recipe. Instead, I see what’s in the fridge and in the grocery cupboard. I think it comes from years of being a Woolworths employee and…

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Emerging Family Constellation Workshop with Robyn Fergus

Quarterly Newsletter – New Moon

There‚Äôs something about a new moon that I find far more enchanting than the full moon.¬†I love the darkness of the night, the brightness of the stars.¬† A reminder that in the cycles of life there is always¬†an ending, then stillness, followed by an emerging of something new.¬† That from darkness, light emerges. We live in a paradox of not wanting change, fearing what it may bring,¬†yet at the same time craving newness.¬†Nature is a constant reminder of cycles, from…

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Doll people used in Individual Family Constellations

Family Constellations: A controversial and bold ‚Äėdevelopment‚Äô in therapeutic¬†practices

Family Constellations: A controversial and bold ‚Äėdevelopment‚Äô in therapeutic practices I was interviewed by Catherine del Monte, a journalist from the Daily Maverick, on Family Constellations.  I was one of the many facilitators she interviewed for this piece.  It challenged me to put into words what family constellations are all about. I stepped into my first constellation at the start of 2015 without having any clear idea what a family constellation was – I just knew that I needed to experience…

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