Constellation Circle

Online Constellation Circle – Bringing in Balance

Does staying in balance in your life feel like a circus performance?  You know those juggling acts where the performer has several plates spinning at the same time.  Or like a happy balance, when 2 children position themselves exactly right on a seesaw in equilibrium.  So even though its for just a slow-motion moment they are suspended in perfect balance before the next up and down. From a Family Constellations perspective,  balance is about giving and taking. This is one…

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Constellation Circle – Black Sheep & Belonging….

The inspiration for this Constellation workshop, on 23 October, came from observing a weaver bird who behaved differently to the rest of his flock. He was the only weaver who came to feed on the aloe flowers, while the others haggled at the bird feeder or busied themselves building this season’s nests. In human terms he would be called the Black Sheep of the family – daring to do things differently from the family norm.   In Family Constellations, according to…

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