Family Constellations

Emerging Family Constellation Workshop with Robyn Fergus

Constellation Circle – What wants to Emerge

A Constellation Circle workshop is a combination of Constellation Exercises (think of them as a mini constellation) and Group Family Constellations.   In this Constellation Circle, we will be working with the theme “What wants to Emerge’.  It could be simply finding the theme that runs through the circle when we gather.  It could be much bigger – what part of you has been hidden deeply and is ready to emerge.  Or perhaps you know what it is that needs to…

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What are Family Constellations?

What are Family Constellations? Family Constellations as a Healing Modality Family Constellations is a method used to bring reveal entanglements within a family system, so that they can be acknowledged, in order to bring healing for the client.  Psychologists may refer to it as therapy.  As I am not a therapist I think of it as a method, modality or tool that I work with. Up until I became aware of Family Constellations, the healing work that I had done…

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Bee on tiny daisy flowers

Constellation Journey – The (Hidden) Cost of Belonging

This Constellation Journey will be run over 3 dates 10 June, 1 July and 22 July.  5.30pm – 9.00pm Underpinning Family Constellations are the Orders of Love.  One of the orders is that of Belonging – that all members of the family system have the right to belong.  This need to belong and the guilt or bad conscience that we experience when we do things that go against the family’s personal conscience may come at a cost to us.  So…

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Doll people used in Individual Family Constellations

Family Constellations: A controversial and bold ‘development’ in therapeutic practices

Family Constellations: A controversial and bold ‘development’ in therapeutic practices I was interviewed by Catherine del Monte, a journalist from the Daily Maverick, on Family Constellations.  I was one of the many facilitators she interviewed for this piece.  It challenged me to put into words what family constellations are all about. I stepped into my first constellation at the start of 2015 without having any clear idea what a family constellation was – I just knew that I needed to experience…

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Online Constellation Circle – Bringing in Balance

Does staying in balance in your life feel like a circus performance?  You know those juggling acts where the performer has several plates spinning at the same time.  Or like a happy balance, when 2 children position themselves exactly right on a seesaw in equilibrium.  So even though its for just a slow-motion moment they are suspended in perfect balance before the next up and down. From a Family Constellations perspective,  balance is about giving and taking. This is one…

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Constellation Circle – Black Sheep & Belonging….

The inspiration for this Constellation workshop, on 23 October, came from observing a weaver bird who behaved differently to the rest of his flock. He was the only weaver who came to feed on the aloe flowers, while the others haggled at the bird feeder or busied themselves building this season’s nests. In human terms he would be called the Black Sheep of the family – daring to do things differently from the family norm.   In Family Constellations, according to…

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Changing my Story

I need to change my story that goes “My father almost died”.  I was speaking to my friend Sam. I was sitting in the same spot in the garden that I’d been sitting in a few days earlier holding a dove that had flown into a window. A raptor was sitting in a tree opposite us. Waiting. I held the dove to protect it from a certain death. It was on the anniversary of my mother’s passing.  I was not…

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Mosiac Heart with Dragonfly

Letting the Wind Blow in Trust

When the wind is blowing like this – the Air element is making its presence known. The Air Element is about communication – from creating the sound of your words as air passes over your vocal cords to the airwaves that support electronic communication.

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